Dubrovnik Carnival - inspiration for unforgettable incentives behind masks
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Dubrovnik Carnival - inspiration for unforgettable incentives behind masks
With February comes the time of masquerades, various fancy dress parties and sumptuous carnivals. At this time of the year, numerous carnivals are held in destinations around the world. Thus, from February 11 to 21, the traditional Dubrovnik Carnival will take place in Dubrovnik - a great opportunity for incentives under the most original guises. Take advantage of the opportunity and treat your business partners, international guests, clients or congress participants to a special experience, let them truly relax under the masks of their choice.
The Dubrovnik Carnival has been organized by the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board for 24 years, with the support of cultural institutions and other partners. For the past two years, the carnival programs took place in conditions adapted to the epidemiological situation and on a smaller scale. However, this year, under the well-known slogan "Come everyone and however you like," it returns in its full glory and with a wealth of content, and the people of Dubrovnik and all guests of the city can expect interesting and diverse events.

A rich carnival program guarantees a lot of fun
The event begins on Saturday, February 11 at 3:00 p.m. with an opening ceremony on the carnival stage in front of the Cathedral, while the Župa Carnival will follow on Stradun. As always, a large part of the program is intended for children and young people. The program intended for adults who like to dress up, and which is also a great opportunity for an incentive or teambuilding program in Dubrovnik, will start on Saturday, February 18, when in the morning, in front of Luža, there will be a masked performance by the Dubrovnik Brass Band, a performance by the folklore ensemble Linđo and the popular "Masquerade competition in making Sporki Macaroli." Sporki macaroli, or literally translated as Dirty Macaroni, is one of the most famous traditional dishes of the Dubrovnik area, which is prepared in this winter season. It is made from pasta, the so-called macaroni, with meat sauce. The name "sporki makaruli" came from the way it was served, because the last guests would usually be greeted with only pasta with a little sauce and no meat. The competition in preparing this dish in fancy dress is really a fun and authentic experience.
On the evening of the same day, the masked Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra will perform in the Marin Držić Theatre, followed by a masquerade party with live music in front of the theatre.
On the last and most festive day of the carnival, on Tuesday, February 21, in the Academia Student Dorm, the final party, the so-called "Carnival Ultimi," a traditional final event, will be held, as part of which prizes for the best masks will be awarded. The carnival program ends with a musical performance by the Amadeus group in front of the Marin Držić Theatre.
As one of the many novelties of this year's edition of the carnival, there is an exhibition of photos and costumes of the Dubrovnik Museums "Carnival through the years" set up in the windows of the City and in the atrium of the Rector's Palace. Visitors to the Rector's Palace will also be able to enjoy the museum installation in the permanent exhibition of the Cultural History Museum "Theatrical Costumes in the Carnival", realized in cooperation with the Marin Držić Theatre.
An additional attraction for all carnival guests will be the special photo backdrops set up in the lobby of the Marin Držić Theatre, the Dubrovnik Museum of Modern Art and the atrium of the Rector's Palace, as a unique opportunity to create your own memories of this joyful Dubrovnik event.

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