World agronomic experts will gather in Dubrovnik
World agronomic experts will gather in Dubrovnik

From February 11 to 17, 2023, Dubrovnik will host the International Summit on Renewable Energy Sources INSORE 2023 and the 58th Croatian and 18th International Symposium of Agronomists. During a week of events, 400 international experts from the field of agronomy and renewable energy sources will gather at the Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik hotel to present their latest scientific research and findings.

The International Symposium of Agronomists (SA 2023), as an established event organized by the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Zagreb and the Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences of the University of Osijek, aims to present the scientific results of Croatian and foreign researchers and thus enable a better transmission of scientific achievements in agricultural production.

In 2023, the gathering will be enriched with a Summit organized by the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Zagreb and the North East Renewable Energy Research Lab from India, which will precede the Symposium of Agronomists. The main goal of the Summit is to present and discuss possible solutions for the implementation of climate-friendly innovations, renewable energy technologies and agronomic solutions in practice. At the summit, respected professor Kenji Uchino from Pennsylvania State University in the USA will speak about the use of non-toxic materials and technologies for the disposal of existing hazardous materials. Plenary lectures will also be held by prof. Zed Rengel from the University of Western Australia and the UWA School of Agriculture and the Environment, Dr. Craig J. Sturrock from the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Nottingham (UK), Prof. Arup Kumar Misra from the Assam Pollution Control Board (India), Domagoj Šimić from the Agricultural Institute in Osijek and others.

Sustainability, digitization and security in agriculture

Agriculture faces numerous challenges in providing sufficient quantities of healthy and nutritionally valuable food to mankind. The impact on the environment and the loss of biodiversity are the most important because they directly affect the quality of life of all living beings. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain new knowledge through research and implement it appropriately in sustainable agricultural practice. In the field of agricultural research, scientists are actively seeking methods to discover practices that will increase livestock and crop yields, improve agricultural land productivity, reduce losses related to disease and insects, develop more efficient equipment, and improve overall food quality. Today, this research spans several disciplines, including circular bio-economy, soil management, biodiversity conservation, environmental protection, information technology and digitalization.

The Symposium of Agronomists covers the entire spectrum of research in agriculture, divided into ten thematic units, and provides an excellent platform for scientists to share their latest discoveries, but also to discuss further ideas within and between research areas. In addition, the symposium is an opportunity to present new knowledge that can be implemented in agricultural practice, and both industry representatives and farmers will participate. Among the plenary lecturers at the Symposium, prof. Paulo Pereira from Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania, who will talk about the soil ecosystem in the context of climate change. In addition to him, the lectures will also be held by associate professor. Miroslav Jůzl from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences/Department of Food Technology, Mendel University in Brno, associate professor Jernej Prišenk from the Faculty of Agriculture and Biological Sciences of the University of Maribor, prof. Gregor Gorjanc from the Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh and Marija Horvat, head of regulatory affairs at Novozymes A/S from Denmark.

In addition to scientists and experts from various fields, the Summit and Symposium will also be attended by entrepreneurs, representatives of companies related to innovations and technologies in the field of renewable energy sources and agriculture from Croatia and India.

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