Step into King's Landing through an unforgettable incentive adventure
Step into King's Landing through an unforgettable incentive adventure
One of the most interesting and popular activities in Dubrovnik in recent years is a tour of the locations where one of the most successful television series ever was filmed. Everyone has heard of "Game of Thrones" (GOT), and their echo had an impact on Dubrovnik as a tourist destination. Therefore, if you want to give your business guests, partners, employees or participants of congresses and conferences, among whom there are fans of GOT, an interesting incentive experience in Dubrovnik, a guided tour of "Game of Thrones" will exceed their expectations.
Every fan of this series must visit the capital of the Seven Kingdoms - Dubrovnik. Whether you want to visit all the filming locations in the Dubrovnik area or focus only on the narrower part of the city inside the walls that can be explored with a leisurely walk, the experience is equally impressive. You can organize the site tour as an active treasure hunt, giving participants a map with locations they must discover on their own, or even add a touch of competition by dividing them into teams where the fastest team wins.
The best way to discover the main filming locations of the series and all the details related to them is a tour with a licensed guide. That way, you will not only be sure to discover all the filming locations, but also some exciting facts about the series that you probably didn't know, as well as anecdotes from the filming that are not known to the public. The tour lasts about two hours and is a fun way to combine seeing the city, learning about its history, and at the same time discovering facts about your favourite TV series. Some of the guides were even extras on the filming, so they certainly have interesting stories, and by showing photos of scenes from the series, you can compare the real location with the one on the screen, and see how much of it is real life, and how much is made up of special effects. Also, the guide will tell exactly which episodes and specific scenes were filmed in which location so that the participants can experience them better.
For example, one of the locations is the Pile city gate, where the episode "Rebellion" was filmed and the scene when King Joffrey is attacked by an angry mob, and he orders his soldiers to kill everyone. The Lovrijenac fortress is also the Red Keep where the King sits, and from it you can see the bay that was the centre of the Battle of Blackwater, where Stannis Baratheon's powerful fleet was overrun. The fortress of Minčeta was the House of the Undead, where Daenerys seeks her dragons. You should not miss a walk along the Jesuit Stairs that connect Gundulić and Bošković squares, that is, the staircase of the Great Brotherhood of Baelor, which Cersei Lannister took on her "walk of shame" through the streets of King's Landing. Some parts of the series were even filmed in the Rector's Palace, and the famous wedding scene where King Joffrey was poisoned was in Gradac Park.
One of the oldest arboretums in this part of Europe, Arboretum Trsteno, only 15 kilometres from Dubrovnik, was the home of the Tyrell family, in whose gardens the plans and future of the Seven Kingdoms were forged. On the island of Lokrum across from the city walls, parts of the scenes from the trading town of Qartha were filmed, and when you visit the island you have the opportunity to sit on the famous Iron Throne, which is located in the Benedictine monastery.
Dubrovnik hides many more locations where scenes from this world-famous series were filmed, and it's up to you to experience them all through the exciting "Game of Thrones" incentive.

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