Dubrovnik for Children

If you have decided to spend your holiday in Dubrovnik with children,...

Dubrovnik for Children
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we recommend you to choose accommodation first. Dubrovnik offers high quality hotels and private accommodation with an adequate range of prices. Depending on your budget, at the price of several hundred kunas per day you can stay in one of the private apartments or at a 3-star hotel, while 4 and 5-star hotels also offer special discounts for children.

We recommend accommodation in the areas of Lapad and Babin Kuk, where you can spend a lot of time in the open air, walk by the sea and along the beaches. Go for a stroll in the Bay of Lapad, take coffee, eat ice-cream, pancakes and pizza, and let your children run free on the beach or play in nearby places with various programmes for children. King Zvonimir Promenade in the Bay of Lapad is a pedestrian zone. A walking path by the sea connects it with the green areas in Babin Kuk ideal for playing ball, riding a bicycle, table-tennis and minigolf in the open air. Babin Kuk is just a short walk away from Copacabana Beach, located on the opposite side of the peninsula, where you can rest over coffee and fruit juice, while your children run along the beach and throw pebbles into the sea.

Go to the city centre, visit the Aquarium, the Natural Science Museum and walk the city walls. Refresh yourselves with a cup of coffee, tea or fruit juice in front of the City Café, Snack Bar or Cele Bar while watching your children play at ease with the Dubrovnik kids in front of St Blaises Church.

A ten-minute boat ride from the Old City harbour will take you to the nearby Island of Lokrum. This half-day excursion offers swimming in the Dead Sea, walks in the groves with peacocks and exotic rare plants in the botanical garden.

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