Island of Lokrum

In only ten minutes a boat from the Old City Harbour will take you to the Island of Lokrum,…

Island of Lokrum
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a special forestry reserve under UNESCO protection. A favourite bathing and excursion place in close proximity to the City, Lokrum is also the exotic and mysterious venue of many legends and stories.

A small lake on the island called Mrtvo More (Dead Sea) is suitable for children and non-swimmers.

Walk to the highest point of Lokrum, the elevation with the star-shaped Fort Royal, built by the French in 1806. The place offers a magnificent view of the City, Cavtat and the islands.

The roads and walking paths of Lokrum will take you through the botanical garden with an interesting collection of eucalyptuses, cactuses and succulent plants to the remains of the 12th/13th century basilica, the 15th/16th century monastery with an atrium garden, and the summer residence of Maximilian von Habsburg from the 19th century with gardens and a park. You will be enchanted by the woods of holm-oak, flowering ash, Aleppo pine, the old olive grove from the time when the Benedictines ran the island, gardens and parks.

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