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Fesrtival - Dubrovnik late summer - 30. August to 24. September
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The end of summer in Dubrovnik hasn’t been so exciting and rich in unique music experiences than it has over the past few years. For the seventh year in a row, the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra (DSO) is organizing the International Late Summer Music Festival in Dubrovnik which aims to maintain the presence of music and a high cultural atmosphere in the city after the Dubrovnik Summer Festival ends.

Year after year the festival grows, bringing together renowned names of the Croatian and world music scenes in one of the most beautiful city areas - the atrium of the Rector’s Palace. This year's festival begins with the cycle Orlando Piano Week. This is a platform for young musicians, this year four pianist stars, who, from the 26th to the 29th of August will hold a recital every evening. Andrew Tyson, Steven Lin, Evan Shinners and Evgeni Bozhanov are young pianists who have been prominent on the international music scene and prestigious competitions such as the Queen Elizabeth Competition held in Brussels and have attracted attention from their performances around the world with their incredible talents.

On the 30th of August, the official 7th edition of the "International Late Summer Music Festival” - a musical treat for all classical music lovers - will be launched on the 30th of August by the young Austrian, Emmanuel Tjeknavorian, a world violin star, under the leadership of the respected conductor Nicholas Milton.

The festival continues with a performance from young violinists and participants of the Laus Academy Dubrovnik, followed by two concerts from the best young Croatian guitarist and virtuoso, Petrit Çeku. On the 3rd of September he will perform a Spanish music program with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Marc Tardue, while on the 5th of September, he will perform a recital with a program of selected composers.

The Violinist Aleksey Semenenko, one of the leading Ukrainian musicians of his generation, will perform on the 6th of September under the direction of Christoph Campestrini in the Brahms Violin Concert in D major, while on the 10th of September with the Russian pianist Inna Firsova he will perform a recital with the works of Grieg, Ravel, Tchaikovsky and other great composers.

For jazz lovers, it is definitely worth making a note of the 12th of September when the Valerija Nikolovska Jazz Quartet will perform.

The great German conductor Christoph König will direct the DSO and the string quartet Symphony4Vienna made up of members of the Vienna Philharmonic on the 13th of September, and the works are by L. Spohr and A. Dvořáka.

The famous "Romeo and Juliet" choir, which are always eagerly awaited by Dubrovnik audience, will hold two concerts in Dubrovnik: on the 17th of September a program entitled "Decameron and Italian Renaissance Music", and then the 18th of September with the DSO works by Monteverdi, Purcell, JB Lully.

For the end of the festival there is the performance from one of the favourites of Dubrovnik audiences, the pianist Jasminka Stančul. The concert will be conducted by Marc Tardue and will feature works by L. van Beethoven. The festival will conclude on the 24th of September with a concert by the visiting Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra.

An exceptionally rich program and numerous Croatian and foreign names are a great invitation to all classical music lovers to join the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra at the festival in late August and September. The entire festival program is available on the official website of the orchestra where tickets can be purchased online and additional information is available at +385 20 417 110 and [email protected]

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