Buggy Safari – unforgettable Dubrovnik incentive adventure
photo credit: Buggy d.o.o.
Buggy Safari – unforgettable Dubrovnik incentive adventure
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When thinking of the Croatian coast probably the first thing that comes to mind is the crystal-clear blue sea, the Dalmatian islands along with the wish to spend a day on the beach. However, there is so much more that can be explored that does not involve the sea. As a DMC specialized in corporate incentive programs, 360° incentives & MoRe based in Dubrovnik, are always looking for programs that are unique and that have that extra touch which makes the difference in the end. One of them is the exciting Buggy Safari adventure that provides an off-road adrenaline rush, enjoyment of the beautiful landscape of Dubrovnik's countryside, the most stunning panoramic views and a true experience of traditional life and cuisine.

A combination of an off-road thrill and beautiful nature

Various driving experiences which guarantee the thrill and adventure guests expect from these kinds of tours, are always very popular, no matter the vehicle type - old-timer cabrios, ATV's or buggies. Yet, not all clients are always keen on driving themselves. In these cases, a great option to offer is a tour with larger buggies that are driven by professional drivers. That way guests can sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of being driven along Dubrovnik’s coastal road and up the curvy path to the top of mount Srđ.

From there the tour continues with a fun off-road drive into the countryside to an area rarely seen by locals and tourists where participants can get in touch with nature and clear their mind. The drive leads past ex-mine fields, sights from the recent war, fortresses, but also beautiful nature and animals. At one point the guests will experience a panorama stop from where the whole Dubrovnik archipelago can be viewed during a nice and sunny day.

Authentic experience in village of Osojnik

However, no tour would be complete without the opportunity to meet locals, sample homemade specialties and immerse oneself in the culture and traditions which are still alive in Dubrovnik’s countryside.

Croatians are known for their hospitality, for taking pride in their organic and high-quality local products which in smaller country households are not necessarily produced for profit but more than anything to be savoured with friends, guests who quickly become friends and all those who have an open heart for new encounters and who want to be part of an authentic experience. Having said that, as part of the tour, the village of Osojnik with just a little over 300 inhabitants and not far from Dubrovnik is such a place where one can feel the essence of the simple life people still lead here.

Stopping on route at a small church, another panorama point, guests can enjoy a 360° view while sipping a traditional aperitif served by local hosts dressed in their national costume. To follow is a visit to host's country house in the village where home-made delicacies of the region can be sampled before the buggies descend back the serpentine road and cross the Dubrovnik bridge to conclude the tour in Dubrovnik.

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