Incentive idea: Grape harvest in the Dubrovnik region
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Incentive idea: Grape harvest in the Dubrovnik region
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The end of August and the beginning of September is the time when the fruits of the whole year's effort and work in vineyards are traditionally harvested. The surroundings of Dubrovnik are full of beautiful hillsides covered with vines, and this region is known for its centuries-old tradition of wine production. Therefore, this time is ideal for a kind of wine incentive that will provide participants with an indigenous experience and immerse them in the traditional customs of the Dubrovnik region.

The cultivation of grapes, the processing into wine, which was then exported, were among the most important agricultural and economic activities during the time of the Republic of Dubrovnik. This is evidenced by the articles from the Dubrovnik Statute, which this year celebrates its 750th anniversary, dedicated specifically to the cultivation of vines and wine production. Grape harvest time was declared a kind of holiday, so that everyone would have enough time to finish it successfully. The most famous vineyards in the Dubrovnik region are on the Pelješac peninsula, where the Plavac mali variety is grown on the slopes by the sea, then those on the island of Korčula, known for the Grk and Pošip varieties, and the vineyards in the Konavle region, valued and known for Malvasia.

Grape "picking" in Konavle

The centuries-old tradition continues today, so the grape harvest is an important event for all winegrowers. In the Dubrovnik region, it has a special name - Trganje. In order to promote this unique viticultural and wine region and to preserve tradition and cultural heritage, the "Trganje" event has been marked in Konavle for ten years, at the beginning of September, which solemnly marks the beginning of the grape harvest.

Harvesting in Konavle is a great opportunity to experience the authentic experience of the Konavle region and way of life through an active incentive in the process of harvesting and wine production - then and now. During the event, all visitors, led by the people of Konavle in traditional costumes, can actively participate in the harvesting and processing of grapes. Grapes are processed in the traditional way, and for the fairer sex there is an opportunity to participate in the processing of grapes, like once upon a time, by crushing the grapes with their feet to make wine. The program is additionally enriched with various games, music and the inevitable snack - a perfect recipe for an unforgettable party. The event is organised by the Konavle Agrotourism Association, which officially opens the Scents of Christmas in Konavle with the wine made at “Trganje".

Add an incentive note to the competitive spirit

In addition to Konavle, you can also organise the harvest in other wine-growing areas of the Dubrovnik region, and in order to spice it up, add some competitive elements. After the host winegrowers guide you through the actual picking process, for example, divide your group into several teams that can compete to pick the most bunches. Or, for smaller groups, let the competition be individual.

There is also an opportunity for various prizes in the form of freshly picked grapes, precious bottles of local wine of autochthonous varieties, awarding of diplomas and the like. Make this incentive a lifetime memory with a locally sourced souvenir.

Round off the whole day's activity, socialising and competition, in agreement with the hosts, with a delicious snack made of local specialties and an irresistible glass of local wine.

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