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Go to the market place – the very stomach of the City - smell, touch and taste the food that local people consume every day; simple, organic, and seasoned with olive oil... Dubrovnik delicacies are simple and usually prepared with only few spices that do not harm the natural taste of the food. Even the most reputable chefs who visit the local farmer’s markets cannot resist the taste and smell of local products from the City’s surroundings - Župa Dubrovačka, Konavle, Primorje... The area abounds in fruits of earth and sun, you can choose among the many kinds of delicious vegetables, including artichokes, aubergines, asparagus, broad beans, courgettes, courgette fl owers, diff erent varieties of cabbage, diff erent fruits like pomegranates, melons, fi gs, plums and an endemic sort of grapes called ‘krivaja’. Those visiting local taverns wish to taste authentic national food, good smoked ham, cheese kept in oil, octopus salad, zelena menestra (smoked salted meat and cabbage stew), sporchi macaroni (with veal chunks and spices stewed over a long time), fried sprats and grilled sardines.  Fine dining restaurants and young creative chefs serve the freshest seafood from the depths of the Adriatic, the world-famous oysters from Mali Ston, and meat specialities alike. The Dubrovnik gastronomic scene has been changing as young chefs with European experience have been bringing new interpretations of classical food; there are Fusion cuisine restaurants, international restaurants such as Korean, Bosnian, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Thai... off ering more options not only in the Old City but in other city neighbourhoods. Dubrovnik’s best gastronomic experience is to dine “al fresco” on the beautiful terraces, romantic squares and alleys, listening to some good live music and tasting some exquisite Croatian wines.  Wine bars are very popular with wine-lovers but also with those who want to taste extraordinary Croatian red and white wines accompanied with Croatian style tapas. The best-known wines of the Dubrovnik region include red wines of the Pelješac Peninsula, the famous Plavac Mali variety, equally the white wines - Pošip from the Island of Korčula, the Malvasia known in history as ˝ the nectar of gods˝, and other sorts from the Konavle area with the characteristic fl avour of the south. Our website (www.tzdubrovnik.hr) offers information on gastronomic events throughout the year. The Dubrovnik Good Food Festival (end of October) is the highlight among the many.

The goldsmiths trade in Dubrovnik is one of the oldest, and certainly the best-known trades.


A part of the Dubrovnik region, the wine-growing area of the Pelješac Peninsula...

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