Dubrovnik by Night

Refreshed by swimming and sunbathing, you are relaxed and ready to go out. 

Discover the street players, Dalmatian vocal groups, chamber music ensembles in churches, in the squares or under arches of the Sponza Palace. The enchanting ambience of Rector’s Palace is a favourite concert stage of the world’s greatest musicians, and the city squares turn into theatre venues for first-class concerts or theatre performances during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival (July 10th to August 25th).

Discover the painters’ rapture in the city galleries and the entertaining ˝Stars Under the Stars˝ programmes on the terraces and beaches of Dubrovnik’s hotels, and enjoy cocktails and street jazz sessions in the hot summer nights until daybreak.

A very famous and relaxing spot for cocktails overlooking the sea is the Buža bar, right outside of the city walls.

Having drinks on the stairs next to the small bars in the streets and squares will make you feel like a local.

The wandering lights, excellent dance music and enchanting rhythms wait for you in the charming discotheques and night clubs. You can enjoy club music in Culture Club Revelin, a very popular and unique venue located in a fortress which is part of ancient city walls. Banje Beach Club is situated just outside of the Old City and offers beautiful scenery and house music. There is also the Sky night club on Pile, mostly visited by a younger clientelle.

The night has fallen on the city and the sky is lit with countless stars.

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