Natural Cosmetics
Unique cosmetics prepared from natural ingredients, ...

Natural Cosmetics
fragrant herbs, medicinal plants and citrus fruits - let these completely ecological products be the choice of souvenirs that you will bring back for your friends from Dubrovnik. Essential massage oils contain the fullness of Mediterranean scents - lavender, rosemary, honey, lemon… The hand-made, cold-pressed soaps made exclusively of natural ingredients such as olive, palm- and almond oil, goat milk, essential oils and crushed almonds will give you the pleasure of natural care.

Products which also attract visitors attention are cosmetic preparations from the Franciscan Pharmacy. The pharmacy, one of the oldest in Europe, is still working - in a modern way, of course - but uses the original 200-year old recipes. Products include Aqua Rosae, Aqua Rosmarini, Aqua Lavandulae, Gold Cream (wax and almond oil), Rose Cream with rose oil, Rosemary Cream, Moisturizing Cream with almond lotion, Wrinkle Proof Cream (cocoa butter and bergamot oil) and Lip Balm (wax and vanilla).

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