This year, the humanitarian association Deša has prepared a series of interesting workshops for the Good Food Festival, where the hardworking members of the Deša Association will teach you how to prepare traditional Dubrovnik sweets such as the Primorje Cake, coming from the littoral region, brittle (croquant), Paradižot (Floating Island), and Dubrovnik Caramel Custard Rozata.

The Primorje Cake is a traditional cake from Dubrovnik's littoral region that is prepared for festive occasions, as is the Primorje wedding brittle that has always been prepared for weddings in the littoral area. In addition to the renowned Dubrovnik Caramel Custard Rozata, learn how to make to make Paradižot (Floating Island), a delicious dessert that is ready in just a couple of simple steps.

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