Pinca Easter cake
Pinca Easter cake

An indispensable part of Easter breakfast, or more often in the Dubrovnik area, Easter lunch, is the Easter Cake called pinca, whose smell, just like a story from a boos, awakens memories of the past, childhood, and our valuable grandmothers that kneaded the pinca dough with skill and love. Today it is easy to buy an industrially prepared pinca, but nothing can replace the homemade version. Try it yourself!

Ingredients: 1kg flour, 8 egg yolks, 250 g crystallised sugar, 200 g butter, 3 packages fresh yeast, 2 dl rum, 50 g organic orange rind, 1 packet of vanilla sugar, 1.5 dl milk, 20 g salt

Preparation: Put the egg yolks into a bowl and add crystallised sugar, vanilla sugar, orange rind, and salt and stir well until the mixture forms into until a foam and the sugar has melted. In a separate container dissolve the yeast with a little warm milk, a spoonful of sugar, and some flour and allow to rise. When the yeast has risen, pour the liquid into the mixture with the egg yolks. Blend well, adding flour, rum, rose liqueur (if desired), and the rest of the milk. Mix the dough well until it becomes tough and easily separates from the mixing bowl or cutting board.

Cover the bowl with the dough with a clean cloth and leave to rise in a warm place. If the raising process is slower it will be better for the pinca. When the dough has risen and doubled in volume, knead well, and shape the pinca. Form each piece of the dough into a round ball of the desired weight and size. Place the pinca on an oiled baking sheet (or parchment paper), cover with a clean cloth, and leave to rise once more.

Cover the outside of the raised pinca with egg yolk (which can be diluted with milk), sprinkle with crystallised sugar, and make three cuts into the top.

Bake the pinca at a temperature of 170 to 190°C for 30 to 40 minutes, making sure that the surface does not darken. The finished pinca bread should have a nice rosy colour, and an aromatic, full-bodied, and juicy content.

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