First Croatian hybrid ship Lacroma

Visit the historical gardens of Dubrovnik with the first Croatian hybrid ship Lacroma

First Croatian hybrid ship Lacroma
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Visit the historical gardens of Dubrovnik with the first Croatian hybrid ship Lacroma

Exploring the beautiful and enchanting gardens of Dubrovnik, including the renowned Trsteno Arboretum and the Lokrum Reserve, by sailing on the first Croatian hybrid ship adds an ideal dimension to a sustainable travel program or incentive trip. It also presents an excellent opportunity for a social program or excursion for participants in professional congresses and business conferences, with a sustainability focus. This is a new tourism product in Dubrovnik that presents these protected natural heritage sites in a special way, with a long-term goal of contributing to sustainable socio-economic development at the local and regional levels.

Dubrovnik is the first Croatian city to incorporate sustainability principles into its tourism management, successfully applying them through the "Respect the City" strategic project and others. These initiatives aim to improve living conditions for the local population and tourists alike. One such project is the promotion of sustainable development of natural heritage called the "Historical Gardens of the Dubrovnik Area," a collaboration between the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and project partners, including the Public Institution Lokrum Reserve, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, and the Dubrovnik ART Association without borders. As part of this project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, the Lacroma ship was constructed, introducing this new tourist offering.


An opportunity for a sustainable incentive program or excursion for conference participants

The hybrid catamaran Lacroma is 15 metres long, with a capacity of 50 passengers plus crew, a maximum speed of up to 18 knots, and accessibility for people with disabilities. It's the first hybrid ship for commercial passenger navigation in the Adriatic Sea, built in the Croatian shipyard Dalmont in Kraljevica. The combination of traditional propulsion with modern electric systems reduces emissions of harmful gases while providing comfort, particularly important for sensitive coastal areas.

The Lacroma ship operates regularly three days a week—Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays—with prior reservations required. Special tours for groups can also be arranged. The boat trip includes departure from the Gruž harbour to Trsteno Arboretum, the oldest garden architecture monument in Croatia, and a significant architectural and landscape entity from earlier historical periods. It is the only arboretum in Croatia located on the Adriatic coast, known for its historical gardens, ancient olive groves, and an impressive collection of Mediterranean and exotic plants. It gained worldwide fame after being featured in the HBO series Game of Thrones, serving as the backdrop for the lush garden of the powerful Tyrell family.

From Trsteno, Lacroma sails along the beautiful Dubrovnik coastline to the island of Lokrum, a special reserve of forest vegetation included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list as an integral part of the Historic Core of Dubrovnik with its city walls and forts. The island's uniqueness lies in the fact that 90% of its surface is covered by forests, and its botanical garden is home to 800 different plant species. Participants can enjoy a leisurely walk through this beautiful nature, and they may even encounter a peacock strutting through the meadows.

At both locations, participants can independently explore the beauty of the gardens while using interpretive totems. Essential to the experience is a walk along the educational and thematic paths of the historical olive grove at Trsteno Arboretum. The "Historical Gardens of the Dubrovnik Area" project includes expert guidance and educational workshops developed for various target groups, featuring different themes and levels of familiarity with the specificities of these areas, both at Trsteno Arboretum and the Lokrum Reserve.

After touring the historical gardens of Dubrovnik, Lacroma returns its passengers to the Gruž harbour.

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