Marinated Tuna fish old Dubrovnik style


Marinated Tuna fish old Dubrovnik style

tuna fish 80 dag
flour 6 dag
olive oil 1 dl
onion 15 dag
wine vinegar 0,4 dl
garlic 2,5 dag
rosemary 3 dag
parsey (leaves) 2 dag
laurel leaves 0,5 dag
sugar 0,5 dag
lemon 8 dag
olives (black) 10 dag
pepper 0,1 dag
salt 2,5 dag


Slice the tuna fish, salt it and rollthe slices in flour. Fry them in heated oil, and then take them out and put them in another recipient. Throw the sliced onion in the oil and simmer it until weak. Add chopped garlic and parsley, laurel and rosemary. Pour above 1 l of water and let simmer for some ten minutes. Add sugar, pepper, vinegar and salt. Pour over the fried fish and let cool off.

Keep the cold marinade in the fridge until you need it.

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