Dubrovnik ramparts

The city ramparts are considered to be one of the most grandiose fortification monuments in Europe,...

Dubrovnik ramparts
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City walls and an example of the development of fortification architecture. Construction of the first fortifications began already in the 8th century, but the building was most intense since the mid-15th to the late 16th century. The great earthquake of 1667 is not a lot of them damaged.
Girdle the city in the form of an irregular polygon, with Minčeta tower in the top northwest corner of the mainland city and fortress of St. Ivana from the sea, south-east.
Strong fortress like Lawrence at Pile and Fort Revelin at Ploce, although separated from the walls, fall within the defense system. The wall is in some places 22 m high. The thickness of the wall on the mainland side is 4-6 meters, and on the sea side, one and a half to 3 m. On the land side in front of the main wall is a bulwark with 10 semi-circular bastions, and with them in the past was the ditch. The main wall has 14th square towers, two round towers, two angular fortifications and 4 bastions.
There are three entrances to the city walls: on Stradun by the Pile Gate, at the Fortress of St. Ivana and at the Fortress of St. Luke.
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