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Following the successful September cycle, the musical matinees Pictures at an Exhibition to be continued in October at Dulčić Masle Pulitika Gallery


The Rest is Music organization in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik and with the support of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, have successfully realized a cycle of musical matinees entitled Pictures at an Exhibition in September. This program,  which offers visitors an unique experience of art, is created on the path of the popular cycle by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky.  It is being performed every Saturday, starting at 12 noon at Dulčić Masle Pulitika Gallery in the Old City. Numerous foreign and local visitors who partcipated in the program, wrote their impressions: “Thank you for the wonderful music experience that enriched the pleasure of visiting  Dubrovnik. Excellent music and musicians. "; "The bell of joy in a place like this, what a brilliant one!"

The author of the concept is pianist Ivana Jelača, accompanied by cellist Nastasja Palčok. The October matinees are scheduled for Saturday noon (5/12/26), with one exception; on Thursday, October the 17th, when it will be held on the occasion of the closing of the exhibition Landscapes and Vedutes of the First Half of the 20th Century from the UGD Collection, thus appropriately completing a concept primarily based on Dubrovnik art and Croatian music.

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