Discover Dubrovnik from the sea
Discover Dubrovnik from the sea

Discover Dubrovnik from the sea and sail through time on the sailing ships Karaka and Tirena

Pleasant sailing on impressive replicas of merchant sailing ships from the era of the Republic of Dubrovnik with an enchanting view of the sunset over Dubrovnik is a great idea for incentives that will provide participants with a unique experience that they will remember for a long time.

As a Mediterranean city-state, Dubrovnik gained its fame and reputation mainly thanks to its maritime and commercial skills. During the 15th and 16th centuries, it was at the peak of its economic power and was counted among the most developed states in the world, and its ships travelled all over the European and Mediterranean seas, as well as the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

To be able to do this, the ships had to be large and durable. Just such a ship was the widely known Dubrovnik Karaka - at that time the largest, safest and most reputable merchant ship in the whole world, the pride of Dubrovnik and Croatian maritime tradition. These ships carried precious cargo and had 40 cannons to defend against pirates. Crews numbered up to 140 people.

In addition to Dubrovnik Karakas, galleys powered by the wind and rowers were built in Dubrovnik - sailors, soldiers and criminals sentenced to rowing on state ships. Agile and fast, galleys were an integral part of the Dubrovnik war fleet.

Today, replicas of both these ships sail through the Dubrovnik sea, but now they transport a slightly different cargo - visitors to Dubrovnik, and are a place for organizing unique events, business events and incentives.

With Karaka for sailing to the Elaphite Islands, Game of Thrones tours or incentives according to your wishes

Today's Dubrovnik Karaka is the object of fascination for all visitors who must at least take a photo of her, either as she sails around Dubrovnik or anchored in the port. However, she also offers unique Dubrovnik experiences by taking her guests on day trips to the picturesque Elaphite Islands, which include a full-day sailing, a welcome drink, a traditional Dalmatian lunch, and swimming and diving on one of the island's beaches. The ship was used in the filming of the world-famous series Game of Thrones, so it also offers a special ride on this theme, where you will enjoy the view of King’s Landing from the shore and take unique photos. The tour includes a walk through the old city centre accompanied by a guide who reveals the locations where the series was filmed and interesting details about the characters and events behind the scenes.

In addition to the usual rides and tours, Karaka offers everything you need to organize various types of events - from incentive programs (day or evening) to weddings, dinners on board, cocktail parties, themed events, various celebrations and many others, all sailing around magnificent Dubrovnik. Karaka offers complete catering services, so it is possible to choose from various types of cold and hot snacks, canapés, cakes, hot and cold dishes to order, risotto, pasta, grilled dishes and many other delicious delights prepared from local ingredients.

The galleon Tirena takes you on an interactive adventure with Dubrovnik captain Miho Pracat

The Tirena galleon is an exact replica of a Dubrovnik galley from the 16th century, made entirely of wood, with plenty of authentic historical details such as tools for repairing ships at sea and old navigational instruments. The sight of this magnificent ship and its impressive sails is a kind of time machine that takes you to the era when the powerful merchant fleet of the Republic of Dubrovnik sailed the world's oceans, under the famous motto "Libertas".

The most popular ride in Tirena and a great opportunity for a fun incentive is a ride with one of Dubrovnik's most famous captains - Miho Pracat, a famous commoner in the service of the Republic, the only person from an ordinary background to whom a monument was erected in the Rector’s Palace. As you sail along the southern city walls, admire the monumental building from the sea and drink the welcome champagne, Captain Miho will tell you numerous stories from Dubrovnik's rich maritime history. On the way to the island of Lokrum, your attention will be occupied by the finding of the stowaway and his negotiation with the captain to spare him from walking on the plank, and while you enjoy the view of Lokrum and the sunset over the port of Dubrovnik and the walls, you will be entertained by the music by which the stowaway saves his life.

Tirena is also, with its unsurpassed elegance and historical charm, the perfect Dubrovnik location for events. The ship's bar is stocked with an excellent selection of award-winning Croatian wines, sparkling wines, classic cocktails, spirits or refreshing drinks, and Tirena's chef will prepare delicious dishes made exclusively from local and fresh ingredients for your event. A professional team of experienced professionals is available for all creative, technical and coordination aspects of event organization, which includes agents and event managers and, of course, the captain and his loyal crew. If you have special wishes and ideas, if you want a slightly longer sailing, it is possible to arrange a personalized offer of sailing routes and contents.

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