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Traditional Cod Days in Dubrovnik - A Culinary Delight
Traditional Cod Days in Dubrovnik - A Culinary Delight

The traditional Cod Days in Dubrovnik offer an excellent opportunity for both visitors and locals to indulge in exquisite fish delicacies during the holiday season. Organized by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board in collaboration with 13 Dubrovnik restaurants and eight Advent houses, this gastronomic event is part of the rich program of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival.

Cod Days will take place from December 21 to 24, with participation from restaurants including Bistro 49, Restaurant & Catering Academia, Gradska kavana Arsenal, Bistro Bacchus, Bistro Bura, Hard Rock Café, Pivnica Dubrava, Café Lucijan – Hotel The Pucić Palace, Restaurant Momenti – Hotel Dubrovnik Collection President, Moskar Street Food, Orsan, Piano Bar – Hotel Lero, Hotel Rixos Premium Dubrovnik, and Advent houses: 99, Festivus, Fish&Chicken, Gulozarije, Župaho on Stradun, Festive House Kod Ane, Mama’s Winter House in Gundulić Square, and Festive House Stopover on Pile.

This event provides an opportunity to spend the holidays enjoying traditional culinary experiences, exploring the diverse offerings of restaurants and houses that will enchant you with their special cod dishes. Seize this perfect opportunity to encounter traditional Dubrovnik cuisine and create special memories during the holiday season.

Cod dishes (dried cod fish) in Dubrovnik hold a special place in family celebrations, particularly during Christmas or Easter. This culinary delight is a delectable meal prepared with cod and potatoes, with its flavours heightened by the addition of garlic and parsley. Enjoy it hot, warm, or cold, paired perfectly with a slice of toast.


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