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SONIC Festival Transcends to New Heights: Relocates to Lazareti and Welcomes Stellar Lineup
SONIC Festival Transcends to New Heights: Relocates to Lazareti and Welcomes Stellar Lineup

Following the resounding success of its inaugural edition at the iconic Lovrjenac, the renowned Dubrovnik festival, SONIC, is set to make an even greater impact as it prepares for its second edition in the captivating surrounds of LAZARETI.

Steeped in historical significance, the Lazareti holds immense importance in the city, having been declared an integral part of Dubrovnik's fortifications in 1724. Recognized by UNESCO and under its protective umbrella since 1994, the Lazareti stands as the sole completely preserved quarantine building in the European part of the Mediterranean. Today, this remarkable location has evolved into a thriving creative district, boasting a rich array of artistic and musical programs.

Mark your calendars for August 11 and 12, as SONIC returns with its highly-anticipated second edition in the new and historically resonant setting of Lazareti. As before, the festival will unfold in two distinct parts: a mesmerizing sunset program and an electrifying night-time experience within the club. The festival will boast two stages, including the sunset stage at Komarda, providing an enchanting view of the old city harbor, the fortress of St. Ivana, and the picturesque island of Lokrum. This enchanting sunset program will seamlessly segue into the pulsating nightclub stage at Lazareti.

Adding to the allure of the festival are the exceptional headliners - Archie Hamilton and Stacey Pullen. Archie Hamilton, a gifted English DJ, and producer, rapidly soared to fame with his exceptional talent. From humble beginnings in his room, experimenting with DJing and tape production, he earned a residency with FUSE events in 2013. Today, he stands as one of England's most respected artists, with three successful labels and millions of streams to his name, his sets characterized by their dynamic rhythms.

Meanwhile, Stacey Pullen, an esteemed innovator of Detroit techno's second wave, will grace the festival with his presence. Having grown up under the mentorship of the Bellevue trio - Derrick May, Juan Atkins, and Kevin Saunderson - Stacey has been a prominent figure in the party scene since 1990. His seamless fusion of house and garage with techno has had a profound influence on generations of music enthusiasts, musicians, and fellow DJs. Notably, he has also contributed under the alias Kosmik Messenger, producing some of his most seminal works.

Alongside these incredible headliners, SONIC boasts a lineup of established talents from Zagreb and Dubrovnik, including Bozzo, Brigitta & Matt Butt, Damian LeBoss, Kali, Neroa, Pablo Panda, and Zhajo.

Expect the unexpected, as the organizers have teased an array of exciting surprises in audio-visual production. Stay tuned for further details, set to be unveiled just before the festival kicks off.

Stay informed about the SONIC festival on our social media channels, and secure your tickets through the Entrio system. Get ready for an unforgettable musical journey, transcending time and space, amidst the awe-inspiring splendor of Lazareti.


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