Vuk Ćosić - Small Plastics Salon
Galery Flora 9.00pm
Vuk Ćosić - Small Plastics Salon
The seemingly trivial collection of kitchen utensils kept in the original packagingcarries several different meanings. The banal factual history of these items restsin my mother’s impulsive online shopping, but there are a few other things to say:The collection can be read as a testament to how capitalism in digital age superblyand successfully exploits all our weak spots, even the slightest ones, to turn usinto addicted consumers. It can also be understood as a visual representation ofhow our subtly woven human uniqueness is directly translated into “customerlife-time value” and how there is always the next purchase that will further fixatesome imaginary and imposed “lifestyle”.If we arranged the purchased items chronologically and supposedly they were allfrom the same source (which is impossible to determine), it would be possible todefine from this series how the e-shopping algorithm diagnoses but also createsmy mother’s user profile.The other unavoidable thought is associated with the unusability of these instruments.The pitiful sight of an unopened, oversized hand mixer, or a meat smokingmachine, is just another proof of how the advertised usefulness of these machinesis actually useless, or, more generally, how these aids indicate that there’s nohelping us.All in all, the Little Plastics Salon exhibition is a journey from mother to capitalismand back. Thank you for your attention.Small Plastics Salon

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