Istrian dinner with Chef Deniz Zemb
Istrian dinner with Chef Deniz Zemb

Deniz Zembo, one of Croatia's most imaginative chefs, as confirmed by the renowned gastronomic guide Gault Millau and numerous gastronomic critics, is hosting an event at this year's Good Food Festival at the Magellan Restaurant. Chef Zembo began his culinary adventure just over two decades ago when his cooking hobby slowly grew into a passion. More than 10 years spent in London have enabled him to learn about different traditional cuisines and discover new methods of modern culinary art.

This open, approachable chef is keen to experiment and try new recipes, ingredients, and preparation methods. In the Amphitheatre Restaurant he prepares daily specialties and delicacies for guests, using only selected seasonal foods and local produce. Deniz is also a master teacher with a pedagogical course and an associate professor of cooking at the Faculty of Management and Tourism in Opatija.

The Magellan restaurant in Dubrovnik will host a young chef with a wealth of experience, Mato Bebek, who was educated in De Librie, a top Michelin star Dutch restaurant and has brought quality, freshness and new ideas to Magellan.

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