BarBaQ & DBC Craft Beer
BarBaQ & DBC Craft Beer

The owner of the “BarBaQ” brand specializing in making BBQ smokers and BBQ dishes, Mojmir Žuvel, will bring his traveling kitchen to the Good Food festival and prepare meals from the smoker. This world-traveller, an accomplished pizza master and a big fan of succulent steaks in his food truck prepares incredibly soft meat using a smoker - a closed barbecue in which large pieces of meat are baked very slowly. The temperature in the oven must be between 107 to 110 degrees Celsius and a proper amount of energy and smoke must be maintained in order for the meat to be properly heat treated. Hard smoked woods with a little moisture are used to smoke the best quality meat, and the most desirable is walnut which gives a special flavour.

At the Good Food Festival, BarBaQ's food truck, excellent burgers, pork ribs, shredded pork and beef will be served, and a delicious craft beer goes well with the tasty meat on offer.

The Dubrovnik Beer Company has as many as many as seven beer styles prepared, which pair well with the grill specialties. Taste Maestral, Fortunal, Grego, Goa, Hugo, Libertas and Chola chicana, beers produced in the heart of the City, all with great music and fun.

Spoil your palate and enjoy this event accompanied by live music!

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