We are particularly relaxed on trips, and – impressed with what we have seen, we always want to bring home some typical souvenir for ourselves and for our loved ones or to simply treat oneself to some nice jewellery, a work of art or a good piece of designer clothing.

The Dubrovnik old city centre is the most appealing part of our city, and on the main street of Stradun there is a row of small souvenir shops, as well as several more luxurious shops with jewellery, as well as gems, world-renowned brands, Croatian designed practical and decorative objects, olive oil, and wine. However, it is more interesting to look for a souvenir from Dubrovnik in one of the picturesque side streets. As on the main street, there you will find shops labelled ˝Authentically Croatian˝ where wholly Croatian products are sold. Small galleries and shops with art objects can really surprise with their originality, so along with painted utilitarian objects, one can find interesting shirts with phrases, original jewellery, posters, the eternal magnets, paintings, local wine and olive oil, ˝arancini˝ (candied orange rinds), caramelised almonds, and dried figs, all the way to scarves and ties – which, as is well known, come from the Croats. If you are a fan of famous international designer brands, in Dubrovnik you will find a concept store, as well as stores with clothing, bags, and glasses, like those found in the world’s big destinations.

There are more and more young, creative artists, who in wanting to design something different, and inspired by the environment, produce original souvenirs – so look for them!


Even so, we recommend visiting the market on Gundulić Square where you can see and sense the smells and tastes of the Dubrovnik region, and the market in Gruž , where growers of organic fruits and vegetables present their products mostly on Fridays. The fish market within the Gruž market is rich in various Adriatic fish and shellfish. There are several smaller shopping centres in the City of Dubrovnik, and around ten kilometres outside of the city, in the neighbouring district of Župa, there is a shopping centre with so-called ˝High Street˝ stores.


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