Sacral Objects

Leaving its mark on the Republics history, religion offered shelter and solace in the times of trouble and became a symbol of the stone citys survival.

A visit to huge churches, which revealed the power and importance of religion in the lives of people at the time, the small secluded chapels in which the sufferings, secrets and joys were shared with the Almighty, and one of Europes oldest synagogues takes us back into the past, but also connects us with the present day, because church service is organised in the majority of the Dubrovnik sacral objects.

The Church of the Annunciation with plenty of elements in Gothic style was built in 1534 ...

Gratitude of Dubrovnik aristocrat women


Muslims began to arrive in Dubrovnik only after 1878...

The old Franciscan Monastery was originally not situated in its present day location,...

The Dubrovnik Synagogue is the worlds oldest active Sephardic synagogue...

The Serbian Orthodox Church of Saint Annunciation was built in 1877 in the Old City of Dubrovnik.

The Monastery is the home of the richest library in the City.

One of the most beautiful sacral buildings in Dubrovnik, the present-day Church of St Blaise,...

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