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European Week of Freelancers, October 16-25, 2020
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The revolution of digital nomads is coming to Croatia, more precisely to the City of Dubrovnik, which is the host and leader of this initiative in Croatia. "Dubrovnik for Digital Nomads" is the name of the event within the European Freelance Week 2020, which will be held in the Lazareti complex from October 16 to 25.
This is the largest annual event aimed at independent work and its empowerment, organized by the company Saltwater and Total Croatia News under the auspices and cooperation of the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, in light of the announced introduction of visas for digital nomads in Croatia. At this international meeting, Dubrovnik will present itself as a year-round destination for digital nomads, which will help its future positioning in this modern world way of doing business.
The conference in Lazareti will be physically open to a limited number of people, as well as online. Registration is possible via the organizer's website (Saltwater) while participation for the citizens of Dubrovnik, with prior registration, is free. The first part of the event, October 16 and 17, will include guest speakers on the topic of digital nomads, while in the second part, from October 18 to 25, participants will have the opportunity to experience the true experience of digital nomads.
One of the speakers in Dubrovnik will be Jan de Jong, who, as the initiator of the introduction of visas for nomads in Croatia, also met with Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, who supported the initiative and began the process of making Croatia the second country in Europe (after Estonia) and the fifth in the world to introduce this type of visa, which is planned for the beginning of 2021. The City of Dubrovnik was the first to actively support the idea and get involved in the promotion.
Digital nomads are people who almost exclusively use digital technologies to do their job, usually work on the road and are looking for destinations with a pleasant climate and a desirable quality of life. They stay longer in destinations, invest in their new environment personally, professionally and financially and become ambassadors of their new cities and attract other digital nomads, family and friends.
In every respect, the City of Dubrovnik has the potential to become a prestigious and desirable location for this revolution. In order to attract digital nomads, it is necessary, in addition to an attractive destination, to offer better long-term rental opportunities, greater involvement of the local community and global promotion, on which the city administration will work strategically in the coming period together with its partners. The orientation of the City of Dubrovnik towards the development of such diversified offers will significantly contribute to the repositioning of Dubrovnik as a tourist destination in the future.
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EVENTS 16 - 25 10. 2020

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