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Knight Orlando the star of the animated film: Dubrovnik - a safe vacation
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"We knew then, we know today"
Knight Orlando the star of the animated film: Dubrovnik - a safe vacation
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"We knew then, we know today" - is the slogan of the animated film, a new tool for the promotion of Dubrovnik in which the main role is played by the Knight Orlando. The medieval knight presents to viewers the historical story of the beginnings of the quarantine in Dubrovnik and Lazaretto in 1377, as a revolutionary way of fighting epidemics, at a time when the whole of Europe was facing a terrible threat to health. Whilst at the same time highlighting the cultural and natural beauties of our city, and in a novel and cheerful way conveying positive messages about the safety and attention to health matters that have been present in our city for centuries.
The animated film, "Dubrovnik – a safe vacation," was commissioned by the City of Dubrovnik in cooperation with the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik. The story of the historic Dubrovnik quarantine and Orlando with an emphasis on gastronomy, the crystal clear seas and untouched nature and stunning Dubrovnik panoramas, is part of the marketing campaign of the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board during the revitalization of tourist traffic.
The idea and production of the animated film, which lasts for 1.33 minutes, comes from the renowned Croatian studio "U šumi" (In the Woods). U šumi is a creative agency specializing in communication and production. The studio is owned and run by academic artists Luka Smetiško and Stjepan Milas, and they concentrate the greatest focus of their work on drawing, animation and a creative concept. The project is in English, and the narrator of the film is John Foster, a former BBC award-winning journalist. And the music, which creates the complete atmosphere, comes from Luka Sorkočević's 3rd Symphony performed by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra.
"At our core, we are looking for a creative opportunity in every challenge. Not only to invent but also to create. For five years we have been building space for the bravest creatives and collaboration without ego. We are happy to have made a project of this standard in an extremely short time, despite working from home at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are grateful for the trust placed in us by the City of Dubrovnik," said the studio on the occasion of the promotion of the film.


The people of Dubrovnik are still today guided and inspired in their decision-making by the wisdom and knowledge of their ancestors, as well as in bringing life back to the city before the epidemic and creating a safe destination – that is the key message of this project. The animated film will be placed on domestic and foreign markets, through ongoing marketing campaigns, but also broadcast on planes and on cruise ships arriving in Dubrovnik during 2020. The video is available to share and further distribution for the purpose of destination promotion.

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