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Dubrovnik proclaimed top Eastern Mediterranean cruise destination!
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Dubrovnik proclaimed top Eastern Mediterranean cruise destination!
According to the specialised cruise travel web portal Cruise Critic, for the second year in a row Dubrovnik has been declared the best cruise destination in the Eastern Mediterranean category. The significance of the Cruisers' Choice Destination Awards is even greater since this it represents the choice of users of this popular web portal, who are cruise travel enthusiasts and who have described Dubrovnik as a desirable cruise destination with an exceptionally rich cultural and historical heritage. After Dubrovnik, other winners in the same category were Kotor, Venice, Santorini and Rhodes.
˝Looking at realised overnight stays all year round, Dubrovnik is the most popular Croatian tourist destination, which only last year had more than 4 million overnight stays; this city is the most sought after destination with over 2 million overnight stays realised since the beginning of the year. This acknowledgment confirms the exceptional international popularity of Dubrovnik, which greatly contributes to the overall recognition of Croatia as a international tourist destination˝, said the Kristjan Staničić, Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, adding that he wishes to express sincere congratulations to all Dubrovnik tourist industry workers who contributed to the status that Dubrovnik enjoys today world-wide.
The specialised cruise travel web portal Cruise Critic represents a key place for sharing information and knowledge on cruise ship travel. This is the world’s most popular cruise travel portal which was launched in 1995 by The Independent Traveler, a subsidiary of TripAdvisor. The web portal is intended for fans of this type of tourism, it contains over 350,000 cruise reviews and hosts the world's largest online cruise community where travellers share information and share their cruise travel experiences and opinions.
˝After Dubrovnik was declared the best congress destination, the title of the best cruise destination in the Eastern Mediterranean is yet another affirmation of the variety of the quality offerings that Dubrovnik and Croatia have. I believe that this recognition will further open the doors of Dubrovnik, and thus our entire country, to visitors from all over the world, who will come back in private arrangements and remain in the city even longer. This is also a reward for all Dubrovnik tourism industry workers, who position Dubrovnik year after year as an obligatory destination and I wholeheartedly congratulate all of them˝, said Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli.
Dubrovnik has become one of the most desirable cruise destinations in Europe, which offers a very diverse tourist offer that has even been recognized by UNESCO, featuring a beautiful and preserved landscape and a quality eno-gastro offer. The status of Dubrovnik as a desirable cruise destination is further confirmed, as the city will host the fourth Festival of Tourism and Strategy, to be held in November, where the main topic will be cruise tourism, or rather, the challenges and opportunities that face popular cruise destinations.
˝Dubrovnik, as a globally recognizable Croatian tourist brand, succeeds year after year to be the best in several different segments within wider regional competitions, from cruise to nautical to congress and incentive offers. Special attention is given to the joint activities of numerous participants in the tourism offerings, as well as to the appropriate city and other services, and the recognition of Dubrovnik as the best cruise destination is a recognition for everyone who responsibly and diligently contributes to the tourism image of the city˝, said Director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board Romana Vlašić, adding that because of the unique experience that the city that inspires, many visitors from cruise ships are happy to return.
This year to date there have been 9.8 million arrivals in Croatia and 47 million overnight stays, which compared to the same period last year, represents an increase of 6 percent in arrivals and overnight stays, while in Dubrovnik there have been 650 thousand more arrivals (+ 7% ) and 2.2 million overnight stays (+ 5%).

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