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A day of enjoyment before the grand finale of the Good Food Festival
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A day of enjoyment before the grand finale of the Good Food Festival
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The third day of the Good Food Festival was a day for the true enjoyment of good food, wine and beer! The first day of the weekend and the penultimate day of the festival was marked by workshops in Majkovi and in the Deša Association, a professionally guided tour for students of the Dubrovnik Private High School in cooperation with the Marin Držić House, followed by ˝Delicious and Healthy by Maya˝ by gastro blogger Maja Brekalo, a presentation of traditional dishes and wines from the island of Krk and the Story of Lekri and the Story about Beer. Dinner with the famous chef Priska Thuring rounded out the atmosphere of this day dedicated to pleasure, which made for the best prelude to finale of the festival!

Representatives of the Association for the preservation of the village, heritage and customs ˝Škola˝ Majkovi held a workshop on harvesting the fruit of the strawberry tree. After a pleasant walk along the littoral hills around Majkovi, the marmalade was cooked, after which the participants had lunch at the Kraljević family homestead. Korčula klašuni were prepared in Deša – the traditional cake from the island of Korčula, made from light-coloured crumbly dough whose centre is filled with walnuts and/or almonds, fig or orange jam, scented with lemon and homemade rose liqueur. At this workshop, once again, it was clear that traditional desserts are truly timeless!

Thanks to the Marin Držić House, on Saturday students of the Dubrovnik Private High School went on a professionally guided tour of the City and learned more about the great author and about the renaissance cuisine that he mentioned in his works. The most successful Croatian gastro blogger Maja Brekalo presented herself to the festival audience for the first time with a workshop titled ˝Delicious and Healthy by Maya˝ in the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) at Pile. She presented simple and healthy recipes to those in attendance in order to inspire them to eat more healthily and with more flavour. Another one of Maja’s workshops is on the program for today!

A presentation on traditional dishes and wines from the island of Krk was held in the Kantenari restaurant at Sunset Beach Dubrovnik. The guests from Vrbnik presented themselves with their dishes and wines from the first Croatian wine hotel that was built according to the standards of wine hotels in France and the Gospoja agricultural collective. The sunny Saturday was spent in the company of top wines – Gospoja sparkling wine, the žlahtina wine Gospoja and the church wine Žlahtina Gospoja, as well as žlahtina beer made from wine and traditional dishes such as šurlice pasta with goulash and chicken žgvacet, accompanied by songs by the klapa multipart singing group Subrenum, all of which made for a perfect day.

The Story of Lekri, the only wine that is produced in Dubrovnik, was once again part of the Good Food Festival program. Stories about Dubrovnik history and ship building, family tradition, local grape sorts and wine making could be heard in the Škar Winery on the Lapad Coast; stories that enthral once and again. Lekri white, rosé and red wines were on the tasting menu along with prosciutto, cheese and olives, as well as something sweet. Stories about beer were also told this Saturday at the Dubrovnik Beer Company, along with expert guidance and, of course, beer tasting! All beer lovers had the opportunity to discover how the brewing process flows, how long it takes and what kind of yeast, hops and malters are used to brew beer in this first Dubrovnik brewery. The secrets of how to uncover and discern traces of chocolate, citrus notes or floral aromas in the tastes were revealed. Maestral, Fortunal and Grego, beer that for the first time is being produced in the heart of the City, were the main characters in this wonderful story!

For the second time in the same day, the Good Food Festival returned to the Kantenari restaurant at Sunset Beach Dubrovnik, where one of the most creative chefs of the new generation on the Croatian gastronomic scene, Priska Thuring, ˝spiced up˝ the third day of the Good Food Festival 2017. The five course menu of imaginative dishes during the Dinner with a Famous Chef was truly the highlight of the day! Each course was a world unto itself, conveying its own unique story. The ingredients are that which carried each dish and told its story. Prisk Thuring won over the hearts of the guests with her culinary virtuoso that could be seen in each dish, as well as with her modesty. The food and wine enjoyment was complemented by the music of the diva Zorica Kondža, who even stirred those in attendance to sing along. This evening made the festival’s visitors even more impatient for everything that awaits them in Sunday’s big finale!

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