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Fourth Day of the Good Food Festival 2017
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The finale of the Dubrovnik gourmet festival
Fourth Day of the Good Food Festival 2017
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The Good Food Festival is approaching its grand finale. The fourth day, Sunday, October 22nd, brings interesting programs, including a workshop on gathering wild edible herbs organised by the Škola Association – Majkovi for the preservation of the village, heritage and customs. Following this there will be a workshop on preparing prikle doughnuts held in the Deša Association premises. There is the traditional ˝Dubrovnik Table˝ event, which fills Stradun year after year, and its humanitarian character, which is also a part of the festival’s tradition. The most successful Croatian gastro blogger, Maja Brekalo, will hold another workshop entitled ˝Delicious and Healthy by Maya˝, and the young Dubrovnik confectioner Antonia Medo will hold a presentation on traditional Vis cakes called ˝A Leap to Vis Island˝. For the end of this year's festival, the Rixos group will be hosting a gala dinner with a charitable character at the Rixos Libertas Hotel, during which in four courses Chef Ozgur Donertas will bring the flavours of Switzerland to the heart of Dubrovnik, promoting the opening of the new Rixos Davos hotel in Switzerland. Each day, this gourmet festival confirms its popularity among the people of Dubrovnik and their guests, and this will surely be the case on the last day, as well!

On Sunday the Good Food Festival will once again be in the Dubrovnik Littoral region, where in cooperation with the Škola Association – Majkovi for the preservation of the village, heritage and customs, a workshop will be held on picking wild edible herbs growing on the littoral hills, whose consumption is becoming ever more popular. All participants will enjoy lunch at the Kraljević family homestead after the workshop. A reminder to everyone that the bus for Majkovi departs from Pile at 9 am. Another interesting workshop is to be held in the Deša Association, beginning at 10 am, where prikle will be prepared – an indispensable part of every Dubrovnik festivity. This is a very simple dough, without eggs, so prikle doughnuts are often the only dessert on the dining room table during the time of holiday fasts, especially for Christmas Eve and Good Friday. Risen dough, enriched with the scents of lemons, oranges and homemade brandy, is formed between the fingers of one hand or spooned into balls and deep fried in oil. Then the prikle doughnuts are sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

The traditional ˝Dubrovnik Table˝, which has a humanitarian character, will take place on Sunday, at the end of this year’s Good Food Festival. Beginning at 11 am, visitors will be able to view the creations of Dubrovnik restaurateurs and hoteliers and to buy food vouchers at a price of 35 kuna and drink vouchers at a price of 15 kuna. The proceeds from the Dubrovnik Table will go to the Special Friend Association - "Arriving Safely at One's Destination" and the Association for Training Guide Dogs and for Mobility, the Dubrovnik Club for users of seeing eye dogs. At 11:45 the Table will be opened by the Mayor of Dubrovnik Mato Franković, while the program will be led by Ivica Puljić, the cultural arts association St. Juraj Osojnik will perform traditional folklore dances and the klapa multipart singing group Ragusavecchia will also perform. Numerous Dubrovnik hotels and restaurants, bakers, confectioners and caterers, as well as winemakers from Konavle and Pelješac, will present their knowledge and skills on a table that will span the entire length of Stradun, offering a real visual delight and a treat for the palate for of all lovers of good food. The organizers of this humanitarian event are the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, the Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber Dubrovnik, the Dubrovnik Neretva County Chamber of Economy, the Catering and Tourism Guild and the Dubrovnik Tourism and Hospitality School.

The most successful Croatian gastro blogger Maja Brekalo will hold another workshop called ˝Delicious and Healthy by Maya˝, beginning 11 am in the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) at Pile. The author of the ˝Delicious and Healthy by Maya˝ blog, who has over 150,000 Instagram followers from all over the world, inspires and motivates others every day with her simple and healthy recipes to eat more healthy and with more flavour. Delicious chia pudding, chocolate granola and mousse and quinoa salad are just some of the dishes that those who attend the workshop will have the opportunity to taste. The young Dubrovnik confectioner Antonia Medo, who replaced an office job with professional preparation of desserts, will hold a presentation on traditional Vis Island cakes titled ˝A Leap to Vis Island˝ in the afternoon, at 5 pm in the TIC at Pile. Antonia spent the summer in the Cukar pastry shop on the island of Vis from where she returns full of new recipes, experiences and knowledge. We will have the opportunity to try Vis hib and Vis cvite, and we will also learn how to make carob pie with fig marmalade – you will be drawn by the tastes, aromas and scents from Vis Island!

For the finale of this year's Good Food Festival, the Rixos Group will hold a humanitarian gala dinner at the hotel Rixos Libertas. During the four course dinner, chef Ozgur Donertas will bring the flavours of Switzerland to the heart of Dubrovnik, in honour of the opening of the new Rixos Davos hotel in Switzerland. All of the proceeds will go to the ˝Dva skalina˝ Association, which will use the funds raised at the gala dinner to purchase a ˝Tobii Communicator˝, thus facilitating communication with children with the most severe psychosomatic disorders. There will be a diverse entertainment program and a generous lottery with great prizes, whose proceeds will go to charity, all of which will make for an unforgettable dinner. The hosts of this evening will try to reconstruct a huge cake modelled on the one from the 1970s made by the staff of the old hotel Libertas that impressed all of Dubrovnik. In 1974, the pastry chefs of the old Libertas hotel made a cake 7.8 metres tall and weighing 650 kg! The program will be hosted by Mirko Fodor, while the singer Giuliano will take care of the musical atmosphere. The price of the four course dinner with select wines is 250 kuna per person, and the price of the lottery is 50 kuna. The people of Dubrovnik and their guests, as well as companies and organizations, are invited to come together for a good cause this evening and to purchase tickets that will help the Dva skalina Association in their daily efforts and in the love invested in working with children with developmental disabilities and with people with disabilities. The most beautiful ending of the festival is precisely because of this opportunity to open our hearts to help those who are truly in need.

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