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Succesful Start to the Good Food Festival 2017
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The first day of the Good Food Festival Dubrovnik 2017 brought together many Dubrovnik locals and their guests, and the successful beginning of the fourth edition of the festival promises good attendance at events in the upcoming days, as well as a successful continuation of the festival programs!
Succesful Start to the Good Food Festival 2017
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The tastes and aromas of the first day of the festival are the best invitation for visitors to attend the upcoming events!

The festival program began with a workshop on preparing the Ston Cake at the Deša Humanitarian Association. This original, sweet renaissance dish of the region finds its place on Dubrovnik’s tables nowadays, as well, as was shown by the interest the workshop garnered, especially from young cooks, who in the future will decorate their holiday tables with the Ston Cake. Marina Žibert Ercegović held a workshop called ˝Pasta and Conversations about Food˝ for students of the Dubrovnik Tourism and Hospitality School at the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) at Pile. The next generation of Dubrovnik tourism listened carefully to this excellent chef who tried to convey her knowledge gained through many years of experience, all with a dose of laughter.

For the first time at the Good Food Festival, certified vegan chef and healthy food expert Tereza Poljanić participate in the festival, holding a workshop on preparing vegetarian brunch or dinner called ˝Hello Tereza˝, beginning at 5 pm at the same location, TIC Pile. Cheerfully and with enthusiasm, Tereza showed all those in attendance that healthy is also delicious, and the TIC at Pile was filled to capacity. Everyone wanted to see what and how this young author of two cookbooks and the host of the television show of the same name ˝Hello Tereza!˝ would prepare. The evening of the first festival day was reserved for Story of Lekri. The Škar Winery on the Lapad Coast was the venue for socializing and relaxation over this very distinct wine, accompanied by stories about Dubrovnik history and ship building, family tradition, local grape sorts and wine making.

The great finale of the first day of the Good Food Festival 2017 was the gastronomic presentation of Vukovar-Srijem County held at the Mimoza Restaurant, which last night became the place to be for Slavonian cuisine and hospitality. Following the presentation by the director of the Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board, Rujana Bušić Srpak, a five-course dinner was held with traditional Slavonian dishes accompanied by selected wines of this region. The food was prepared by the diligent chef Ljubica Božić and the tamburitza band ˝Zagorska Mornarica˝ created a festive atmosphere. This evening confirmed that food in Slavonia is truly an identity and a way of life. Following this precedent, the program will continue onto

the second day, bringing festival goers new ingredients, dishes and drinks, and of course new opportunities for socializing at the Good Food Festival!

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