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Culinary Creativity at Work
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Various workshops as part of the Good Food Festival program
Culinary Creativity at Work
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Many workshops on preparing both traditional and modern meals are part of the rich program of this year's Good Food Festival. Certified vegan chef and expert on healthy eating Tereza Poljanić’s first presentation to the festival audience will be through two workshops called ˝Hello Tereza˝. Dubrovnik gastronomy expert Jadranka Ničetić and Cordon Bleu confectioner Lucija Tomašić will hold a workshop on preparing Manđarice, a forgotten cake of this region. For the first time at the Good Food Festival, the most successful Croatian gastro blogger Maja Brekalo will hold two workshops titled ˝Delicious and Healthy by Maya˝. The young Dubrovnik confectioner Antonia Medo will present the traditional delicacies of the island of Vis at a workshop called ˝A Leap to Vis Island˝, bringing the aromas, smells and tastes of this beautiful island to festivalgoers. The Škola Association from Majkovi will participate in the Good Food Festival program again this year with two workshops – a workshop on strawberry tree picking and making jam from the fruit and a workshop on edible herbs. The indispensible Deša Association will organise four workshops on preparing the Ston Cake, hrostule, Korčula klašuni and prikle. Finally, chef Marina Žibert Ercegović will lead a special workshop for students of the Dubrovnik Tourism and Hospitality School titled ˝Pasta and Conversations about Food˝. Through these festival events, the culinary creativity of the workshop leaders will meet with the creativity of the festival’s visitors!

For the first time this year, the Good Food Festival will be attended by certified vegan chef and healthy food expert Tereza Poljanić, who will hold two workshops titled ˝Hello Tereza˝. A workshop on preparing vegetarian brunch or dinner will be held on the first day of the festival, on Thursday, October 19th, starting at 5 pm, in the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) at Pile, and the second workshop will take place the following afternoon, on Friday, October 20th, at the same time and same location, and will deal with fermentation and the new ˝super-food˝. Tereza is currently living in Auckland, New Zealand and she is the author of the blog ˝Teresamisu˝, two cookbooks and a television show of the same name, ˝Hello, Teresa!˝, broadcast on the most popular TV station Pop TV. The young chef is a link between Croatia, Slovenia and New Zealand, and she is currently exploring Dalmatian and Dubrovnik cuisine.

Dubrovnik gastronomy expert Jadranka Ničetić and Cordon Bleu confectioner Lucija Tomašić will hold a workshop on the preparation of the forgotten Dubrovnik cake Manđarica, which will be held on Friday, October 20th starting at 11 am in the TIC at Pile. Manđarica is an old forgotten cake that in the past Dubrovnik's ladies prepared often and most happily. The particularity of this cake is rice flour, which with the addition of rose water, is made in pudding moulds. Rice for making sweets was milled with special small household millstones. This cake is mentioned by the writer Josip Bersa in his book Dubrovačke slike i prilike (Eng: Dubrovnik Pictures and Times) and the art historian Cvito Fisković also left us a written record of this cake. This workshop brings us Dubrovnik with a taste of the past!

Maja Brekalo, who will also participate in the festival for the first time this year, will hold two workshops entitled ˝Delicious and Healthy by Maya˝, on Saturday, October 21st and on Sunday, October 22nd, both starting at 11 am in the TIC at Pile. The author of the ˝Delicious and Healthy by Maya˝ blog and our most successful gastro blogger Maja Brekalo, who has over 150,000 Instagram followers from all over the world, inspires and motivates others every day with her simple and healthy recipes to eat more healthy and with more flavour. During the workshops Maja will prepare her delicious chia pudding, chocolate granola and mousse, quinoa salad, and more.

The young Dubrovnik confectioner Antonia Medo, who replaced an office job with professional preparation of desserts, will hold a presentation on traditional Vis Island cakes titled ˝A Leap to Vis Island˝ on Sunday, October 22nd at 11 am in the TIC at Pile. Antonia spent the summer in the Cukar pastry shop on the island of Vis from where she returns full of new recipes, experiences and knowledge. We will have the opportunity to try Vis hib and Vis cvite, and we will also learn how to make carob pie with fig marmalade – you will be drawn by the tastes, aromas and scents from Vis Island!

For the second year in a row, in cooperation with the Škola Association – Majkovi for the preservation of the village, heritage and customs, the Good Food Festival will be enriched by workshops that will take place in the village of Majkovi in the Dubrovnik Littoral region. The harvest of strawberry trees, a very widespread evergreen bush or small tree that grows in the Mediterranean belt, and in Croatia from Istria to Dalmatia and the islands, will take place on Saturday, October 21st. The strawberry tree produces a forgotten fruit that is very useful and medicinal, from which marmalade, jam, juice, liqueur, wine and brandy are made. The Škola Association – Majkovi will organise the harvest of the strawberry trees, after which marmalade will be cooked from the fruits. After the strawberry tree harvest workshop, on Sunday, October 22nd there will be a workshop on picking wild edible herbs growing on the littoral hills, whose consumption is becoming ever more popular. After both workshops, participants will enjoy lunch at the Kraljević family homestead.

The Deša Humanitarian Association has prepared a series of interesting workshops at the Good Food Festival this year as well, during which the hardworking members of the association will teach this in attendance how to prepare the Ston Cake, hrostule, Korčula klašuni and prikle doughnuts. The workshops feature desserts that have been gracing Dubrovnik’s tables for centuries, and the workshops are intended for all those who want to become the guardians of this intangible and tasty heritage of our region. The Ston Cake workshop will be held the first day of the festival, on Thursday, starting at 10 am, and the next day, traditional hrostule will be prepared. The day after, on Saturday, October 21st, Korčula klašuni will be prepared, and on the last day of the festival, on Sunday, October 22nd, at the same time, at 10 am, and in the same location – in the Deša space in the Lazaretto – prikle will be prepared.

A special workshop called ˝Pasta and Conversations about Food˝, which will be run by Marina Žibert Ercegović, is intended exclusively for students of the Dubrovnik Tourist and Hospitality School, a school that has educated many generations of Dubrovnik’s hospitality professionals and which continues to educate the next generation of Dubrovnik tourism. Who better to transfer valuable knowledge than the excellent chef Marina Žibert Ercegović, who has been part of this festival since its very beginning. The workshop will be held on the first day of the festival, on Thursday, starting at 11 am the TIC at Pile.

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