Miho Pracat

What is the reason why the Dubrovnik Senate reached a decision in 1638 to place a bust of a plebeian...


Miho Pracat

between two columns at the eastern wing of the Rectors Palace atrium? The only plebeian whose statue was erected during the thousand-year life of the Dubrovnik Republic.

Miho Pracat was a rich seaman from the Island of Lopud, who left his wealth to the Republic. This powerful ship-owner and accomplished merchant was shown the way to success by a little tenacious lizard. Watching its two attempts to climb the wall of his fathers house, two downfalls and eventually the third successful climbing to the top, Pracat realised the importance of persistence. This encouraged him to make a new start after his business repeatedly collapsed and his ships and their cargo ended up at the bottom of the sea.

During one of his voyages Pracat broke the pirate siege and brought the ships loaded with corn to the hungry people of Charles the Fifth. The king granted Pracat an audience during his morning shaving! In addition to numerous compliments and astute glances, he offered Pracat honours and gold. The shrewd man of Lopud responded in kind: he refused all gifts and requested the kings serviette, which is now displayed at the museum situated on Pracats native island.

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