The Lazarettos
Walking towards the eastern entrance to the City one faces the Lazaretto Complex at Ploče.

The Lazarettos

The Lazareti are the only fully preserved quarantine complex on the European side of the Mediterranean, and is under the protection of UNESCO since 1994.

In 1590, the Senate of the Dubrovnik Republic decided to situate it by the eastern City gate near the City Walls, at the intersection of main land and naval trade routes. The Lazareti were built from 1627 until 1647, and their significance for the protection of the City from dangerous invisible enemies: plague and other infectious diseases, was confirmed in 1724 when they were declared an integral part of the City’s fortifications. The complex resembles the City Walls, and consists of the plateau and ten naves (halls) with five inner courtyards.

Today, the Lazareti are the creative hub of Dubrovnik: various exhibitions, concerts, workshops, lectures, congresses and other events are organized in five western naves of the complex. Two naves are home to the Linđo Folk Music Ensamble and in the three eastern naves Art Workshop Lazareti, Deša and Lero Student Theatre organize their activities.

The most attractive Dubrovnik hotels Excelsior and Argentina, as well as the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik in the monumental villa from 1939, are also situated at Ploče.

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