Small Onofrio Fountain

The Small Onofrio Fountain stands in a niche on the City Guard fasade.

Small Onofrio Fountain

Designed by Onofrio della Cava in 1446, it was put up on the eastern part of Placa (Stradun) after the construction the public water supply in 1438.

The stone-mason works on this small masterpiece were completed by Pietro di Martino of Milan. The relieves of nude baby-boys on the octagonal sides of the Fountain pool, the dolphins with shells, the maskerons and the kneeling boys on the water pole reveal the influence of Renaissance, although with reminiscences of Gothic style.

Today the Small Onofrio Fountain is a part of the original setting for the carnival play The Tale of Stanac by the Dubrovnik 16th century playwright Marin Držić.

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