Luža and the City-Bell Tower

Entering the City from the east, through the Ploče Gate,

Luža and the City-Bell Tower
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along the street between the southern side of the Dominican Monastery and the city wall, through the Customs Gate, you will come to Stradun, the centre of all events in the Old City.

Above the Gate is the 15th century Luža, restored in 1952. Next to it raises the City Bell-Tower with a clock built in 1444. The founder Ivan Rabljanin cast its large bell in 1506. The two famous figures called Zelenci, who strike the hours with their hammers, were cast in bronze at the same period. The Tower was damaged in the earthquake of 1667. In order to prevent the collapse, the old Bell-Tower was rebuilt in 1929 and the original figures of Zelenci were replaced by their copies. The originals are now exhibited at the Rector`s Palace.

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