Ploče Gate

The street between the southern wall of the Dominican Monastery...

Ploče Gate

and the city wall leads to Ploče Gate.

On the way one passes by the two small churches: St. Lukes Church, built between the 13th and 14th century, the present-day art gallery, and Annunciation Church from the 16th century. Walking by the Revelin Fort wall one reaches the Citys easternmost point, the Ploče Gate leading to the suburban area of the same name.

This thoroughly fortified entrance complex consists of the 15th century inner and outer gates with stone bridges. Above the inner gate stands Asimon Tower, a part of the city walls complex. The outer bridge includes a wooden section that used to be pulled up in the evening. Above the Ploče Gate stands a stone statue of St. Blaise, the Citys patron. This is the present-day gateway to the hotels and beaches at Ploče.

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