Before entering the City, stroll through Pile,...


pile_gate ulaz_pile

and the 19th century seaward promenade Brsalje, the first one constructed outside the city walls, with a café and a fountain by sculptor Ivan Rendić.

The Brsalje terrace offers a magnificent view over a portion of the city walls and Lovrjenac Fort, at the foot of which lies a picturesque suburb with a little harbour. The City is entered through the double city gates housing the stone statue of St. Blaise, the patron saint of Dubrovnik. A stone bridge and a wooden drawbridge, which used to be raised up in the night, lead to the outer gate of a Renaissance semicircular tower. Passing through the inner gate with a Gothic arch and statue of St. Blaise, the work of Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović, one enters the main street Placa (Stradun). Today, the main bus and taxi stops are also situated at Pile.

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