The Dubrovnik Synagogue is the worlds oldest active Sephardic synagogue...


and the second oldest synagogue in Europe. It was constructed in 1408 by the Jews who came to Dubrovnik from Spain, and severely damaged in the disastrous earthquake of 1667. The Synagogue houses ceremonial objects from the 16th - 18th centuries. A part of them was displayed at the New York exhibition in 1993.

The objects remained there for five years because the exhibitors wished to keep them, but were eventually returned to Dubrovnik by a court decision. During World War II, Torahs and valuable objects had been hidden in an unknown place and returned to the Synagogue afterwards. The street in which the Synagogue is located is called Žudioska (Jewish) Street. A door that once stood at the beginning of the street from Stradun formed the quarter reserved for Jews only.

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