Church of St Saviour

Gratitude of Dubrovnik aristocrat women


Church of St Saviour

In gratitude for the salvation from the scary earthquake of 1520, this small votive church was constructed that same year and dedicated to Saint Saviour by a Dubrovnik Senate decision. The extent of their gratitude is perhaps miraculously revealed by the fact that the church remained intact in the disastrous earthquake of 1667. A fine example of the Dubrovnik renaissance building, it has been preserved in its original form until the present day. Constructed by the master Petar Andrijić of Korčula, the church was completed in 1528. Legend has it that the aristocrat women of Dubrovnik took part in the construction of this votive church with great enthusiasm and carried the wooden and stone construction materials themselves.

The Church of Saint Saviour is located between the Franciscan Monastery and the city walls. In summer, the artists of Dubrovnik use its meditative interior as an exhibition hall or as a chamber concert venue.

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