Easter in Primorje

Aiming to nurture the tradition and to encourage a special segment of the tourist rogramme – rural tourism,

Easter in Primorje

the event entitled Easter in Primorje was organised in late March in the villages of the Dubrovnik hinterland, featuring specialities and customs typical of the region, as well as homesteads of the villages Gromača and Ljubač. It was the opportunity to also present ancient customs of the traditional Primorje Wedding, which have been cherished for centuries...

On Easter eve, on White Saturday, young girls and female children washed in the water in which flower petals were soaked, believing that their faces would be white, smooth and rosy, their eyes clear and their heads wise. This beautiful custom has also been preserved in the Dubrovačko Primorje region, which is, otherwise, best-known for the “egg-painting” – a special procedure for decorating Easter eggs in the old-fashioned way using melted beeswax.

This year the event entitled Easter in Primorje was organised for the first time in the villages of the Dubrovnik hinterland Gromača and Ljubač, that is, in the homesteads of the area. On Saturday, 27 March, the Primorje Wedding was organised in the villages of Gromača and Ljubač. This ancient wedding custom, comprising even some military elements, is characteristic of the festive folk costumes and the bride’s jewellery, which reflected the financial status of her native home. Apart from seeing the Primorje Wedding customs, the visitors will have the opportunity to taste numerous specialities of the Primorje area - such as black bryony and wild asparagus, cottage cheese, smoked ham, spring vegetables and sweet delicacies - and take part in the “egg-painting”. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia, the event was organised by the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and co-organised by the Ruralis Company.

For those who would like to learn more about the Primorje Wedding, we recommend Jakša Primorac text on this amazing old custom.

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