Island of Lopud

Lopud is the second largest of the Elaphite islands (4.63 km2).

Island of Lopud
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Due to an agreeabiy mild climate, with an annual average of 2,584 hours of sunshine, this economically most prosperous island is covered in lush Mediterranean vegetation. Lopud, the only settlement, is located in a bay, and from where there is a path that leads to the sandy Bay of Sunj on the far side of the island. Lopud was more settled in the past than it is today.

The chronicles tell us of how it had 2 monasteries, 30 churches and a significant number of summer manors and palaces at the end of the XVI century, of which only a small portion remains. Touristically, Lopud is the most developed island in the Elaphite archipelago, and the settlement of Lopud is one of the most frequented of island places.

The mild Mediterranean climate, the lush Mediterranean and sub-tropical vegetation - cypress, lemon, orange, pine and palm trees, the numerous beautiful beaches (Sunj), and the possibility of pleasant walks along the shoreline, contribute to making Lopud and exceptionally attractive destination.

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