Welcome to Dubrovnik 29 /2017
We would like to express a true welcome to you through the magazine ˝Welcome to Dubrovnik˝ because this publication of ours brings you pieces of the rich history and the present day of Dubrovnik, the proud UNESCO-protected city, a favourite among visitors from around the world that come here to explore year-round.
Welcome to Dubrovnik 29 /2017

The magazine ˝Welcome to Dubrovnik˝ features material that will familiarize you with interesting bits of Dubrovnik's history, as well as life today.


Many authors have contributed to the 2017 edition of the magazine ˝Welcome to Dubrovnik˝, so read all about Café Dubravka that opened at Pile over 180 years ago and a short piece about Niko Primorac, the Dubrovnik captain who crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice – because of a wager. The coin mint in Dubrovnik’s Sponza Palace began operations back in 1337 when a small but powerful country, the Republic of Dubrovnik got its own money; find out how and where the Dubrovnik Republic produced the famous tiles that are characteristic of Dubrovnik roofs; known and lesser-known facts about the writer and priest Mavro Vetranović and the islet of St. Andrew. We present the noteworthy author, don Mato Vodopić, whom we commemorated the end of 2016 on the bicentennial anniversary of his birth. Read the story about life in the Renaissance Gundulić summer villa in Gruž, about reconstruction of Onofrio's Fountain, a visionary symbol of the Dubrovnik Republic, and the return of the Baroque altar to the Dubrovnik cathedral after it was removed for conservation back in the 1970s.


The year 2017 marks the seven hundredth anniversary of pharmacological tradition and the opening of the Franciscan pharmacy, as well as the anniversary of the devastating Great Earthquake of 1667 that almost destroyed the city and the Republic. We bring you reminiscence of 400 years of Shakespeare and the connection between the famous English playwright and Dubrovnik's famous don Marin, to whom an entire museum in our city is dedicated and which features very interesting programs.


Modern Dubrovnik is rich in young talent – from designers of original souvenirs, food bloggers, the author of a Dubrovnik cookbook and owner of one of the most famous restaurants in Dubrovnik, Anamarija Bujić, to the best water polo goalkeeper from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the captain of the European champion club ˝Jug Croatia osiguranje˝, Marko Bijača – get to know them through feature stories in our magazine.


DuMotion, an international running competition, is a sports spectacle that is the fruit of cooperation between Dubrovnik and its sister city Monterey, and in 2017 this very successful event will be organized for the third time.


An island of stories and legends, the island of lovers – Lokrum is all of this, a magical green oasis near the city that is experiencing a kind of renaissance through a number of projects in recent years that we describe in this year's ˝Welcome˝ magazine.


Robin McKelvie, a Scotsman and a journalist that writes for many prestigious publications in the United Kingdom, answers the question ˝Why I Love Dubrovnik˝ and Croatia, which he has visited regularly since war-torn 1993. Finally, discover events and festivals in Dubrovnik in 2017, especially the new film event ˝Quiet, please ... Dubrovnik and film love each other˝ that is dedicated to the history of film shooting in Dubrovnik.


We are confident that the new edition of ˝Welcome to Dubrovnik˝ will uncover novel and interesting moments of both history and present for lovers of our city, so that you may truly enjoy it.

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