Dubrovnik Musical Spring
Dubrovnik Musical Spring

The Dubrovnik Musical Spring was organised by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra for the first time in 2017. This cycle of classical music concerts will be held this year from April 13th to 27th, with the aim of enriching Dubrovnik's cultural offer. This year's program includes the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, conductors Marc Tardue and Tomislav Fačini, soprano Marija Kuhar Šoša, trumpet player Džemal Cakić, violinists Dmitry Sinkovsky and Marco Graziani, and others. The music program is available on the official website of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra at www.dso.hr.

Stradun Classic

Clarinet player Marija Pavlović (artist in residence) is one of the most talented Croatian musicians of the newer generation in Croatia. Together with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, in her hometown of Dubrovnik, and with top musicians from around the world, she will create music during two cycles in 2018, in April and then again in September. Among artists that will come to Dubrovnik for these events are oboist Tom Owen, bassoonist Pieter Nuytten, horn player Boštjan Lipovšek, violinist Daniel Rowland, cellist Maja Bogdanović, bassist Zoran Marković, pianist Martina Filjak, cellist Monika Leskovar, and others. As Pavlović is a great fan of chamber music, several chamber music concerts will also be held in conjunction with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra chamber group. The program can be found on the official website of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra at www.dso.hr.

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