Welcome to Dubrovnik – City of Festivals!
Welcome to Dubrovnik – City of Festivals!

Summer, Dubrovnik, Stradun... amount to just a magic combination for having a great time in an one of a kind atmosphere that brands one of the most beautiful stages in the World.  Come, join us at the City beneath Srđ Mountain to experience a whole new palette of colors and a whole new scale of sounds; catch the rhythm of The City, delight in superb opera arias, sip cocktails made by master barmen, enjoy the performance of Lindjo folk dancers dressed in traditional costumes and accompanied by the sounds of lyre, listen to the magnificent “Ode to Freedom” hymn while the Libertas flag is being raised for the 66th time in a row.  Hear the sweet chirps of swifts and harmonious late night serenades sung beneath the renaissance arches of Sponza Palace and let yourself be drawn to the enticing beats coming from Dubrovnik's night clubs.

Dubrovnik is calling you!  Take a stroll on the main street, walk among celebrities, and celebrate Muses of the art, fall in love right there on Stradun or find uniquely your way to experience this incomparable City.  Get the Dubrovnik Card, a special tourist card with discounts, which enables you to enjoy the City in a convenient and affordable way.

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