Workshop on Preparing Traditional Sweets at the Deša Association
Workshop on Preparing Traditional Sweets at the Deša Association

This year as well, the humanitarian Deša Association has prepared a series of interesting workshops at the Good Food Festival during which the hardworking members of the Deša Association will teach participants how to prepare the Ston Cake, hrostule, Korčula klašuni and prikle doughnuts.

The Ston Cake is one of the original, sweet renaissance dishes in which one can recognize ingredients typical of this region and of Mediterranean cuisine in general. The cake probably arrived in the Dubrovnik area from Venetian, or rather, Italian cuisine. It is distinct with its macaroni, which is one of the main ingredients. The cake was always prepared for special occasions, especially for Easter and Christmas.

In Dubrovnik crunchy, sweet hrostule accompany all traditional festivals, celebrations, and holidays, and hosts often prepare them during Carnival and the Festivity of St. Blaise. In no time, an experienced cook will knead the dough, cut it, tie knots in the strips, and fry them, however for those less skilled, hrostule are a real venture.

Klašun is a traditional cake from the island of Korčula made from a light-coloured crumbly dough with a sweet surprise in the middle. The surprise is a rich filling of walnuts and/or almonds, fig or orange jam, scented with lemon and homemade rose liqueur. The special feature of klašun is that it is traditionally made with ammonia, and in the absence of ammonia, baking powder can be used. On the island of Korčula, klašun cakes were prepared for all occasions when it was necessary to show abundance and when the cakes needed to last a bit longer.

In Dubrovnik prikle doughnuts are prepared for almost all festivals and celebrations. This is a very simple dough, without eggs, so prikle doughnuts are often the only dessert on the dining room table during the time of holiday fasts, especially for Christmas Eve and Good Friday. Risen dough, enriched with the scents of lemons, oranges and homemade brandy, is formed between the fingers of one hand or spooned into balls and deep fried in oil. Then the prikle doughnuts are sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

We invite you to visit the Deša workshops and to learn how to prepare these delicious specialties yourself!

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