The Folklore Ensemble Linđo - an authentic experience of Dubrovnik's culture and heritage
Photo credit: Archive FA Linđo
The Folklore Ensemble Linđo - an authentic experience of Dubrovnik's culture and heritage
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The marvellous Mediterranean stone city of Dubrovnik, with its spectacular architecture and historical heritage, captivates visitors with its rich cultural legacy as well. One of the key components of that heritage is the Folklore Ensemble Linđo, an institution in the culture of the City of Dubrovnik, which promotes it in the most beautiful way possible through its local, national, and international performances. The Folklore Ensemble Linđo is a frequent performer at numerous cultural events in Dubrovnik, such as the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, organized tourist tours, and similar events, and has become an indispensable part of the entertainment program at global congresses or as part of incentive programs held in this beautiful city.


Linđo Dance - an entertaining Dubrovnik “Wheel dance”

Established way back in 1965, the Linđo Folklore Ensemble got its name from the most popular folk dance of Dubrovnik and its surroundings. Linđo is actually a dance called Dubrovnik Wheel Dance, (Dubrovačka poskočica) but today it is better known by the name Linđo, derived from the nickname of one of the most famous ljerica (chordophone instrument with three playing strings and a bow) players - Nikola Lale Linđo from the Župa Dubrovačka region.

Namely, this traditional dance is performed accompanied by the ancient instrument from southern Dalmatia - ljerica. The player, sitting, places the ljerica on the knee of the left leg, draws the bow over three strings, and strikes rhythmically with the right foot, thus giving the rhythm to the dancers. They dance in pairs arranged around the player, while the dance commands, often witty and sometimes ambiguous verses, are shouted out loud by the leader who, in a sharp tone and rhythm, determines the pairs and changes of dance figures, encouraging the dancers who compete in improvisations.

Besides the festivity of St. Blaise, the Dubrovnik dialect, the skill of making Konavle embroidery, klapa singing, and numerous other cultural goods, Linđo is listed as protected intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia.

In addition to this traditional Dubrovnik dance, the Linđo Folklore Ensemble has over 30 choreographies in its repertoire and possesses 500 folk costumes from various regions of Croatia and 50 different instruments. Thus, among the choreographies they perform, in addition to Linđo, we can highlight Posavina, Bunjevac, Prigorje, and other traditional folk dances from all over Croatia, performed in original costumes from those regions. Besides performing within the country, Linđo has earned a good reputation for Dubrovnik and Croatia through performances worldwide, be it at festivals, concerts, or engagements at tourism fairs and congresses. They successfully collaborate with various tourist organizations and, during their travels, have visited numerous countries and cities in Europe, as well as certain cities in America, Australia, and Japan.


Entertaining content and interpretation of Dubrovnik culture at business events

The Linđo Folklore Ensemble represents a living link to Dubrovnik's rich past, transmitting the spirit of folk customs and traditions to contemporary stages worldwide with their energy. Their performances not only enchant with their technical precision and aesthetic beauty but also deeply connect the audience with Dubrovnik's identity. These are true stories about Dubrovnik, conveyed through rhythm and movement, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of those who experience them.

Choosing the Linđo Folklore Ensemble for the entertainment program at congresses or as part of incentive programs is not only a fun and aesthetic choice but also a strategy that profoundly enriches participants' experience. Through their dance interpretations, Linđo presents Dubrovnik in a way that surpasses classical tourist attractions. Congress participants thus have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the authentic atmosphere of the city, feeling the rhythm of its past while experiencing the pulse of its contemporary culture.

Moreover, Linđo's performances at congresses offer some practical benefits. Namely, their performances relax participants and refresh their minds after exhausting conference sessions, while also promoting the cultural diversity and richness of Dubrovnik as a congress destination.

The Linđo Folklore Ensemble offers numerous possibilities for adapting their programs to the needs of congress organizers, incentives, and similar events, providing personalized performances that correspond to the theme or objectives of the event.


Lazareti - the house of folklore

In addition to the performance itself, international business guests in Dubrovnik may find it extremely interesting to visit the premises of the Linđo Folklore Ensemble in the impressive stone halls of the Lazareti complex and acquaint themselves with their rich collection of folk costumes, musical instruments, props, footwear, memorabilia, publications, and recordings. The ensemble's souvenir shop offers interesting and appropriate gifts and souvenirs, serving also as an information centre with a range of educational and interactive elements.

Located near the historical core, with its rich cultural programs open to all visitors, the premises of these two Linđo halls can truly be considered the Dubrovnik house of folklore.

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