Visit Dubrovnik Beer Company and Uncover the Magic of Crafting Dubrovnik's Own Craft Beers

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Visit Dubrovnik Beer Company and Uncover the Magic of Crafting Dubrovnik's Own Craft Beers
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As a unique suggestion for a creative incentive in Dubrovnik, we present a tour of the Dubrovnik Beer Company, renowned for its craft beers. It has long been known far and wide that the Dubrovnik region is teeming with vineyards and top-quality wine varieties. Therefore, Pelješac and Korčula are common choices for wine-tasting tours. But did you know that Dubrovnik boasts its own craft beers? If you didn't, it's time to find out, and include a tour of the Dubrovnik Beer Company on the list of interesting additional social programs for congresses, conferences, or incentives.


Tour of the Dubrovnik Brewery

Explore the world of craft beer in Dubrovnik during an organized tour of Dubrovnik Beer Company. Whether attendees are beer connoisseurs or seeking a novel experience, the guide's narrative on the beer production process and local culture will unveil a new facet of Dubrovnik.

The one-hour tour includes a visit to the modest yet beautiful brewery. In the mid-19th century, a large warehouse known as the 'Solska baza' was built in the Gruž port, originally intended for storing coal and salt. Today, it serves as the site for brewing and pouring the first craft beer in Dubrovnik. Throughout the tour, the guide will share details about the production process and what it takes to create one of the most beloved beverages of the modern era – high-quality craft beer.


Tap Room – Fresh Beer Straight from the Source

Of course, the brewery tour wouldn't be complete without tasting what it produces. With an excellent selection of own burgers, meat bites, and cheeses, guests can enjoy sampling four beers directly from the source, in a taproom designed in a factory style. Cold beer poured from the taps straight from the tanks is the only proper way for beer enthusiasts to savour these small batches of Dubrovnik's craft beers.

So far, they have produced four types of beer, three of which are named after wind types, with the wind direction depicted on the bottle's wind rose label. Maestral is the first, a northwest lager known for cold fermentation. Fortunal, named after a stormy wind, falls into the pale ale category, full of summer fruit aromas and silky texture. The third is an intriguing dark beer called Grego, symbolizing the bura wind. It's a light, milky, chocolate beer with a coffee flavour made in the milk stout style. The fourth and latest beer is Goa (India Pale Ale), the only one not named after a wind but after the Dubrovnik trading colony in India, where the Church of St. Blaise still stands today. Hence, its label combines the wind rose with the symbol of the city of Goa.

Dubrovnik Beer Company refrains from using preservatives or additives in beer production, and the ingredients are always of premium origin and quality. The result is an outstanding craft beer that has impressed numerous visitors.

The Dubrovnik Beer Company taproom is designed as a place for an excellent beer and entertainment experience, often hosting various concerts, workshops, performances, and other events.

Additionally, if you wish to take home a memento of your craft beer experience, the brewery has its own souvenir shop with branded practical items for beer enthusiasts.

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