RMH Lopud Lafodia - exclusive meetings and events on a green island with no cars

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RMH Lopud Lafodia - exclusive meetings and events on a green island with no cars
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Far from the hustle and bustle of the city and the stress of everyday life, RMH Lopud Lafodia Resort & Wellness is the perfect destination for business meetings, small conferences, and seminars as well as combining business with the magic of an exclusive hotel in the midst of the unspoilt Croatia. It is located on the island of Lopud, a small jewel set in the blue Adriatic Sea, where no motorised vehicles are allowed and just a short boat ride from Dubrovnik.

With special services dedicated to meetings and events it is the mission of RMH Lopud Lafodia to perfectly blend work and pleasure, work and free time.

After the meeting or during the team building, there’s a choice between many activities such as kayaking, sailing, trekking, private tours, day trips to Dubrovnik and many others. The Waterhill SPA centre is a temple of wellness and relaxation par excellence. Finally, with a large selection of restaurants and bars, Lafodia offers the possibility of choosing the perfect location to enjoy a welcome cocktail, business lunch and brunch, coffee break, gala dinner and everything that can make the stay in Lopud pleasant.

Meeting amenities and experienced team guarantee successful corporate events

RMH Lopud Lafodia features two multi-purpose rooms that can be adapted as required. They are equipped with the latest technology, feature natural light and a total capacity of 180 seats. They are both ideal for business meetings, small conferences and seminars.

The team at RMH Lopud Lafodia has the experience to organise all aspects of events, ensuring success, or can assist you in the implementation or planning of events. Each event is tailor-made to strengthen the company's brand in the market, creating stronger professional relationships between peers and achieving specific corporate goals and objectives.

The 4-star RMH Lopud Lafodia resort is a luxury location with all the necessary amenities, as well as sophisticated and refined surroundings, both outdoors and indoors with innovative entertainment solutions. Outside the hotel there are plenty of possibilities for sports and for entertainment, as it is immersed in nature. Inside the hotel you’ll find a wellness centre, restaurants and buffets to satisfy every palate. There are also shows to amaze and entertain every guest. The experience of the RMH Lopud Lafodia team is a guarantee of success for any corporate event.

Relaxing in Lopud between yoga, mindfulness and well-being

There is something truly special about being surrounded by the sea and sun, and leaving the stress behind can help fully disconnect and unwind. At the RMH Lopud Lafodia Resort & Wellness, located on the car-free island of Lopud, guests can practice yoga and mindfulness, take in the stunning island scenery, and focus on their wellbeing. Whether seeking motivation to kickstart a new product launch or simply to recharge your team’s batteries, this island resort hotel has everything you need.

With a focus on holistic health and wellness, guests can indulge in spa treatments, healthy cuisine, and outdoor activities that will leave them feeling refreshed and renewed. So, if you're looking for a truly rejuvenating escape for your delegates, a retreat that will make them feel revitalized and ready to tackle whatever comes their way, this idyllic island resort is an ideal solution.

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