Don't Miss the Magic of the Jubilee Edition of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival
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As the final month of the year unfolds, amidst occasional meetings and conferences, it is reserved for delightful gatherings, Christmas feasts, and business celebrations. Adding a special touch to such gatherings in Dubrovnik is the unique program of this year's milestone tenth Dubrovnik Winter Festival, taking place from December 2, 2023, to January 6, 2024. The festival offers Dubrovnik residents and visitors a rich cultural and entertaining program.

Renowned as a festival city, Dubrovnik comes alive not only during the globally recognized summer festivals but also vibrantly during the Dubrovnik Winter Festival. This festive extravaganza is a gift from the City of Dubrovnik, cultural public institutions, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and public companies to the residents and all their guests. Throughout the festival, the streets of the city highlight its rich traditions and customs, delectable gastronomic delights, and culture - everything that makes Dubrovnik unique. The festival events bring a special Dubrovnik buzz, joy, and a festive atmosphere that can perfectly complement business holiday events or incentive programs.

At numerous locations across the city - from Lazareti and the Old City core to Lapad and Mokošica—a diverse program awaits, enhanced by the enchantment of the most beautiful time of the year, with over a thousand glittering decorations adorning the city.

More than 20 Concerts in Dubrovnik

For the grand jubilee edition of the festival, a spectacular New Year's Eve celebration is planned, featuring over 20 concerts at various city locations. Visitors can expect a new visual identity for the festival, new decorative elements, and plenty of surprises.

The opening of this year's Dubrovnik Winter Festival will see a performance by the legendary Croatian rock band Prljavo kazalište. For New Year's Eve, the regional singing legend Zdravko Čolić will take the stage, and for the first time this year, the festival will have a special finale on January 6, 2024, with a concert by Jelena Rozga.

During December, some of the best Croatian and regional musicians will perform in Dubrovnik. The audience can enjoy concerts by Gibonni, 4 Tenors, Tomislav Bralić and Klapa Intrade, Parni Valjak, Klapa Šufit, and the indispensable musical figure of the Croatian scene, Ante Gelo, and band. A special stage spectacle will be presented by Queen Sensation, a tribute band dedicated to the legendary group Queen, performing their greatest hits in Dubrovnik. For fans of electro-pop music, the mysterious musical duo Nipplepeople will perform, and there will also be a performance by the group Detour.

The Advent on Vojnović, organized and financed by the Student Centre Dubrovnik, will feature performances by the group Dalmatino, followed by Bosutski bećari. Providing a good atmosphere during the winter months will be Vojko V, Mate Bulić, Zsa Zsa, Jole, Adi Šoše, and Matko and Brane.

In addition to festive concerts, special exhibitions, including the Dubrovnik Christmas Concert on December 22 and the New Year's Concert on Stradun on January 1, theatrical performances for all generations, a Cake Party featuring a performance from Mia Dimšić, and other programs will spice up the Advent and Christmas days. A special program is also being prepared in Gruž, at TUP, where interesting, digital, and interactive content for children and young people will be created.

The festival is supported by numerous Dubrovnik hotels, led by Adriatic Luxury Hotels, as well as numerous economic entities, banks, agencies, and transport providers, spearheaded by Coca-Cola and Dubrovnik Airport.

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